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The Stoke of a 2 Year Old


Posted by Cags R under Surfing on 2 July 2012 at 11:00 PM

We have many parents here on Tribesports and there are often debates as to what activities you can do to get your kids active.

We found this video from Chet Hervey with his 2 year old son taking on the challenge to Ride his first wave solo. Anyone who's ever thought it's easier to plonk the kids in front of the TV can't deny the fact that the TV has never made their kid look this happy! 

When asked about his son's surfing skills, here's what Chet had to say:

We got him out there just after he turned 2 as soon as he could fit in the smallest wetsuit Oneill makes (and we still had to roll the sleeves and legs.) He had started swim lessons immediately after his second birthday and we got him out there a few months later. We put a life jacket on and sat him on the board before he even realized that being scared was an option.

My son charges from the moment he gets up to the moment he falls asleep, every day. Needless to say that we have introduced him to every sport known to man. He is on his bike, his razor or the trampoline for hours every day. As far as organized sports go, he's been in swim lessons off and on for a year (kind of a must for our lifestyle) and he recently started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu two days a week. He just turned three so there are very few organized sports options for him.

As often as conditions allow. It has to be low tide so that I can stand up next to the board and, unfortunately, tide is dependent on the moon cycle instead of my work schedule. It also has to be small. He always asks for "bigger" waves but he's not ready for anything larger than 2 foot faces. We try to make it out at least once or twice a week but if conditions are right, we will go four or five days in a row.

My wife and I have always believed that having kids doesn't put an end to your lifestyle, interests or hobbies. It means that you get to bring them into all those things. God gave parents to kids so that we could show them the world and all it's adventures. God gave kids to parents so that they could re-show that world to us and how to enjoy it even more fully. Missing out on that experience by sitting on the couch in front of the TV seems really tragic to me. It takes time and effort and you may not get waves all to yourself for a while but watching your kid catch your passion is worth everything you put into it.

Share your ideas in Getting the kids off the couch Tribe along with your stories and experiences of new activities you've tried with your kids or as a kid with your parents.

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    That's class !! So right too .... before they know being scared is an option.

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    wow... and the kid is just 2 years old...Well done Chet and his son!

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    So jealous - what a great way to start sport! Thanks to Chet for this awesome video

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    and the kid looks lovely....nice video!

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    That is so brilliant, definitely the the way kids should grow up!

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    Fantastic... great way to start sport early

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    Love it .. To much telly watching goes on with the kids of today :) Kids should be out conquering their amazing playground ... Nature :)

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    Thanks so much for sharing this - I love junior's smile and he's clearly having a blast. I think it's amazing that this lucky boy gets to spend so much quality time with his Dad - or his Mum - and props to them both for making sure it happens!


    That is awesome! You guys are setting a great example for your son


    This is great... Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to take my boys surfing. Have been practising body boarding on the water slide in the garden. We are camping in a couple of weeks and have body boards and wetsuits ready. Even if the surf is pants there is so many things you can do with your kids outside. Get out there and enjoy yourself people...


    Absolutely love this post... what a fantastic childhood for this little guy to have! Just the way it should be too, experiencing life and the great outdoors.

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