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The Tribesports Sporting Quiz 2012


Posted by Cags R under General on 8 December 2012 at 12:00 AM

Sports quiz

It's the holiday season, the time to look back over the year and review all the useless knowledge you've picked up over your lifetime. What better way to train your brain then to take on the Tribesports Christmas quiz?

You can challenge your friends and family to this quick sports quiz, we've set out 5 rounds for you in the Sports Quiz Tribe.

2012 logoRound 1 - The 2012 Sports Round

Have you kept ontop of the fast moving world of sport in 2012? This round is all about the top athletes and massive events which have thrived in 2012. It's not all about the Olympics but we won't deny that they get a mention!

This round is 10 questions and you can score up to 15 points.

Get the questions here and the answers here

Round 2 - The Tribesports Round 

This round is all about fun stuff that's happened on Tribesports this year, it's pretty tricky so you'll do well to get all these questions right.

Have you paid attention to all the activity on Tribesports this year? See if you can beat the top of the leaderboard - Rick, Kaye, Nick - you'd better get a full house on this one!  

Get the questions here and the answers here

Round 3 - Picture Round

Can you recognise the faces and the sporting events in this round of sports photos? 

Sneak peak at question 1 (if you know the answer to this one then keep it to yourself though!!)

Gary Lineker

Get the questions here and the answers here

Round 4 - Rules and Regulations Round

How good is your general sports knowledge across different sports? See for yourself with these 10 questions on the rules and regulations of different sports, be they mainstream or obscure, this round is designed to put your internal rule book to the test!

Rules and Regulations

Get the questions here and the answers here

Round 5 - Weird Trivia from Tribesporters

We asked, you delivered, here are 10 questions on weird sporting trivia from the Tribesports community!

Get the questions here and the answers here