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The Wait Is Nearly Over.


Posted by Steve R on 4 August 2013 at 11:00 PM

In 2 days, Tribesports will be revealing a new play and we believe it's going to be the start of something big. The wait is nearly over...

2 days to go

Since launch, Tribesports has thrived from our awesome community of sports people who drive our improvements and new feature decisions on the site. Whether it's requesting new functionality, getting involved with the latest Challenge feature or creating the latest trends on site - there's no denying that you guys run the show!

  • Following Discussions - you wanted to keep up to date with everything that went on in your relevant discussions
  • Automated Team Challenges - you needed a new way to log the new trend of Team Challenges
  • Training Data - our latest release, designed specifically to help you quantify your training

All these improvements to the site came from your feedback and suggestions. Quite frankly, without your input, Tribesports would not be Tribesports.

That's why when we set forth on our latest development, we want you right there with us. We're excited. It's going to be a #GameChanger for all of us and we will need your input to make it happen.

2 days to go...