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The World's Most Extreme Ultra Events


Posted by Cags R under Ultrarunning, Triathlon on 17 April 2012 at 7:00 AM

The long weekend of marathons is over and we're proud to say that Tribesports absolutely rocked it!

Congratulations to all the runners in the Brighton, Paris, Boston and Rotterdam marathons!

There may be some sore feet today but it's totally worth it with the number of PBs that have been set this weekend!

So what's next? Remember when the idea of a marathon terrified you? Well you smashed that so let's push it to the next level!

Ultra Marathon Running is becoming more and more popular across the world and here are some of the most saught-after extreme ultras and ultra-multi-discipline events around:

Arch to Arc - the ultimate Challenge for the triathlete who wants to push themselves! IronMan distances have nothing on this; only 9 people have completed the 87 mile run from London to Dover, the 22 mile swim across the Channel and then the remaining 181 mile cycle from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe. 

Marathon des Sables - One of the most extreme environments on Earth hosts one of the biggest Challenges for runners ever; 7 days, blistering heat, 250km and memories you will never forget.

This year's marathon has just finished with over 1000 competitors crossing the Sahara in this week long test of physical ablity and mental determination.

Tribesports Users who have braved it include Stu M, Mark B, Martin M, Rory C, Tobias M and Mark - are you up for the Challenge next year?

Badwater Ultramarathon -  the official race started in 1987 and now every July new challengers take on 'The world's toughest foot race' from Death Valley to Mount Whitney, CA, covering 135 miles in over 50 degree heat and unlike Marathon Des Sables it's all completed at once.

This is another test of your mental endurance as well as the physical trials of extreme heat and a massive distance to cover. Photos of previous years show runners being hosed down to keep them cool! Huge respect goes to Mimi for completing this one - check out some of her other achievements too, she's totally MarvellousMimi!

What has been your most extreme Challenge to date? Anyone training for something as crazy as this lot?!