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Through the Eyes of a Traceur


Posted by Cags R under Parkour on 29 May 2012 at 11:00 PM

Parkour: the world is your gym, your life is your workout

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    i really need to give parkour a try - I want the world to be my gym!!!

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    I thought you guys had an indoor trial session earlier in the year? I think that company you used do tours of indoor sports and leisure centres around London hosting classes. The only way is to practice though.


    @majicmonkey unfortunately @jenna couldn't make the Parkour Generations class in January but with all this nice weather it's very tempting to head to their outdoor sessions around London! @giovannic I'm having a look now for Montreal based classes for you - lots of the websites are in French though which scuppers my research!

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    Tut tut @jenna. I have added a lot of easy entry level parkour challenges (that I can do) to get people interested in the activity

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