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Tips for completing weekly Challenges


Posted by Cags R under General on 24 April 2012 at 7:00 AM

On Tribesports weekly Challenges there are 118 people taking the 3 minute wall-squat, 385 trying to do 10 push-ups a day and a staggering 566 people attempting the 2 minute plank. This time next week how many will have completed these Challenges and how many will be restarting them again next week?
If you find yourself consistently completing 4-5 days out of the weekly Challenges and are racking up hours of planking, wall-squats and press ups without the satisfaction of clicking the Complete button, then here are a couple of tips on finishing those routine Challenges:
  1. Buddy up - whether it's your work colleague, your partner or your mate, get someone to complete the Challenges with you, it means you've got someone to remind you to do it and to give you a push if you feel like you can't be bothered!
  2. Start on the weekend - if you're anything like me then you get into a great routine with the weekly Challenges during the working week but as soon as the weekend rolls around suddenly you simply couldn't spare 2 minutes! Thanks you Neil C for this awesome suggestion.
  3. Pick a time and stick to it - we like 11 and 4 to be exercise time, get up from the desk and get those Challenges done, you can set reminders on your phone or go old-school with a good old postit note to remind yourself!
  4. It's never too late to do it - if you realise at 10pm that you've forgotten to do it then do it at 10pm!! This one is my most frustrating habit - realising my mistake and then not rectifying it there and then!
  5. If you have a slip up then keep going - missed a day? Start again the next day. Don't wait for a new week to start, keep the habit and complete the Challenge!!

Hopefully this time next week I'll have ticked off 2 minute plank, 3 minute wall-squat and 10 push-ups every day! Which Challenge are you struggling to tick off?

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    Useful tips, i haved a list each month of challenges i am working on and leave it laying around so i refer to it every day and it helps jog my fading memeory. I also right down every push up, crunch etc to keep a running total. It works for me but my friends think i am a geek!


    I might actually get the week of 2 min planks out of the way after 3 weeks or trying

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    When I was doing the 100 sit ups for 14 days challenge I realised I had forgotten to do then before my day trip to Brighton for a friends birthday...when I got home I had to do them fueled by vodka. Might night have been my finest form but as you say, never to late!

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    haha @frenchfry did that not churn up the vodka a bit? Excellent dedication though!!

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    No! I think the train journey back to London helped, good job it wasn't wine, I probably would of had to start all over again which I had already done a few times!

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    Thanks for the mention, @cags. I've got another suggestion which goes hand-in-hand with #1: Add some spice with a wager. Agree on the stakes (or maybe a forfeit) and the winning conditions, and the unleash the competitiveness.

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    haha definitely a bit of room for competition round here... @rosek we doing this 3 minute wall squat or am I going to have to make you down Guinness again?!

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    Good article @cags. It is simply down to habit. It took me ages to get into the routine habit of doing things on consecutive days. I tried a few in my early days as a triber but gave up. Then I started tackling the ‘do x amount of x’s in a month’ . This helped developed more of a routine without the aggravation that missing a day can cause. Now I am committed to doing some circuit training every day. I add some activities, that I can do every day for a week, some exercises that I need to practice in order to complete, but don’t feel obliged to complete a set amount on consecutive days, some activities that only require a set amount in a month and some activities that only need to be completed once. That way I am completing at least one challenge nearly every day and continually making progress. I do stuff first thing in the morning, in the office, last thing at night, on the train, on holiday on business trips anywhere – it is simply a matter of habit. And if I miss something out, it is no biggy - I just start again. I also had a race with @theplodder to get to 500 challenges :)

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    Thanks for the tips. I've been ill and now I have to get back in the groove.

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    Great tips, and antastic timing too. I've done several of the one off challenges, but I'm not much good at completing the week ones... =/


    I think the Buddy up tip is the one that makes the biggest difference - planking in a group means you can have a chat (albeit slightly strained towards the end!) and also having someone to tell you to get up and do it really helps, let me know which weekly you're taking and I'll give you a virtual nudge to get going on it!


    Wow - who'd a thunk it? I actually managed to get some of the weeklys finished! The starting at the weekend really worked, as did writing them down for my o/h to time and tick off as necessary. I'm very pleased - thank you! =)

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    Awesome Kirstie - thanks again to @neil for the weekend tip, really makes a difference!

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