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Tone up tight routine


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 4 September 2012 at 11:00 PM

Do you have 16-18 minutes, energy to burn and a spare tshirt? Well these are the recommended items which you need to take on the Tone up tight routine!

We tackled it in the office - "how hard could it be?" - turns out it's a pulse-raising, sweat-inducing, 17 minutes of workout! 

After a week of the Core-workout which has worked on mostly static holds, this one really made me break a sweat!

Rose K

Jumping Jacks had me working hard on the cardio with the 60 second wall squat feeling like a rest in comparison!

Will R

I'm improving on my push-ups at the moment and the sets of 10, broken up with other exercises are actually proving really effective at showing I can do it!

Jenna A

Good fun completing with a group and was quite a workout in a short space of time!

Joe C

One thing we all noticed was that your muscles got really warm, you could easily perform this as some cardio-resistance work at the end of a run and also have a great stretch-out at the end. Well-worth warming up before going against the clock! So what do you reckon? Ready to take on the Challenge?