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Top 10 Big Winter Challenges


Posted by Cags R under Running, Skiing, Cycling on 20 November 2013 at 12:00 AM

The clocks are back, the weather's got colder and the Christmas comercials are on the TV again - winter is here!

Do you let the colder weather keep you indoors? Here are 10 Challenges to tick off in winter to make sure that you're still out there having adventures regardless of the weather:

  1. Climb a mountain in winter - former user of the week, Justin is challenging you to climb in winter conditions. Grab your crampons, your ice axes and a Thermos flask and head up a mountain this winter!

    "This is definitely my favorite thing to do. Mountaineering or at least hiking in winter conditions. There is something very special about mountains and the snow." @molyblue

  2. Try 3 Winter Olympic Sports - take your pick of 3 different Winter Olympic Sports and have a go this year:

    • Skiing
    • Bobsled
    • Curling
    • Figure skating
    • Ice Hockey
    • Luge
    • Snowboarding
    • Ski jumping
    • Skating
    • Skeleton
    • Speed skating 

  3. Keep Cycling Throughout the Winter Months - it's getting colder and unfortunately that also means the trains and buses will be getting jam packed with those summer cyclists who hang up their helmets in the winter months! See if you can maintain your commuting mileage from the summer all year round. Make sure you're being safe on the roads, darker nights mean we need to be brighter cyclists - check out some dry and bright kit recommendations here.
    Sean cycling in the cold and dark
  4. Experience 3 runs in extreme weather conditions - don't let bad weather keep you from going out and enjoying your run! This Challenge is almost unavoidable if you plan to maintain a running routine over winter.

  5. Run in shorts all winter no matter what. For those of you who are winter-deniers, this is the perfect Challenge! Keep a little spring in your step by running in shorts all winter (though if you absolutely can't resist the lycra, we know a place you can pick up some awesome Performance Tights!)

    Run in shorts all winter
  6. First Prize runningEnter and complete a race in January - nothing motivates training like a race! Keep going throughout the winter by setting yourself the target of a race in January. With 2 months to train for it, pick a distance that will make sure you have to put the training miles in to ensure a great result on race day and hep you push through the winter.

    Check out Challenge creator, First Prize - he's one of the real Tribesports users who is a face of the new shop!

    So that's all our land based winter sports, but are any of you brave enough to hit the watersports?

  7. Winter surfingWinter Surfing - the sea stays warmer than the land in Autumn and early winter (keep telling yourself this, it may help you forget how cold you are!) and with the right equipment, there's no reason to save surfing for the summer months.

  8. Kayak a River in Winter - an excellent adventure on a weekend this winter, definitely worth putting on your spray skirt to keep warm and dry (it's fine boys, just quote Braveheart all day and pretend it's a kilt!)

    Kayak a river in winter

  9. Open water swim in winter - there are tons of regional traditions to swim in winter, so why not find your local cold-water loving swim club and join them for a session? Check out this article on the Benefits of cold water swimming if you feel you need a little more persuasion...

    And finally, for all you ski bunnies...
  10. Ski down a black run - most of the best winter adventures happen on the slopes!

What your big Challenge for winter this year? Share it in the comments below!

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    I miss winter sports soooo much!! I used ski cross & down hill, snow shoe, walk the mountain trails....sadly my Raynaud's Syndrome has me spinning indoors & outside only on dry none humid winter days! : p I shall live vicariously through you : ))) LOl!

    Marco C and Brenda D encouraged this.


    @adiaphoria - I have Raynaud's too (though my friends just call it "the dead hands") and it can make getting out in the cold very unappealing - there are these heated cycling gloves I've been eyeing up which I think could be a real lifesaver!

    Brenda D and Tamara A encouraged this.


    Lol,"dead hands" very apropos. There is a store here that sells heated mittens & gloves for snowmobile riding, thinking of checking that out too... I miss enjoying winter! A friend of mine showed me a pair of Saucony mittens for winter, I actually had sweaty hands in them Lol! : ) Let me know if you do end up with a pair... : )


    Winter sports all the way for me, can't wait for ski season to begin, only a few days left now!!!

    Tamara A encouraged this.

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