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Top 5 beginner running Challenge and Workouts


Posted by Jack A under Running on 28 September 2013 at 11:00 PM

Developing a running routine or taking the first steps to being a 'runner' can seem daunting, with a lot of varying advice out there! 

While I trained for an Ultramarathon using CrossFit, I couldn't have completed it if I didn't already have a basic love of running which I developed like most other people do - by running! Last week, coach Jeff Gaudette wrote an article on 5 tips for adopting a regular running routine - here are 5 Challenges and workouts which will help you put some of those tips into action:

Run 3 times a week for 4 weeks Challenge

  1. Run 3 times a week for 4 weeks - it is important, when starting out running, that you do not simply go and attempt the same distance and pace for every run - you can fall into a plateau very quickly which can be very frustrating. This Challenge is great and it forms routine but also means you can change the type of running you are doing throughout your weeks; varying quick paced short runs, Fartlek (or interval training) as well as some slightly longer distances will save you time and keep each run interesting!

  2. Running Strength Workout - as Jeff Gaudette points out in his article: 

    "Strength training is one of the best ways to strengthen your structural system and stay injury-free. Strength training can be done in a weight room if available, but you can also get a valuable workout on your living room floor " 

    Running Strength Workout

    The Running Strength Workout is designed to improve your strength using simple body weight moves and pits you against the clock so you can measure your progress easily! It also combines strength training with short runs in order to get you working at a faster pace.

  3. 20 minute Yoga Sequence - this is an excellent way to stretch out and it can be completed very quickly. Performing this 20 minute sequence 2-3 times a week will help you avoid injury and improve your running.

    Yoga For Runners

  4. Run 26 miles in 1 week - a big milestone for beginner runners and not one to rush in to, increasing your mileage at a sensible rate is key to staying injury free and motivated. Running a marathon in a week can be a great boost to the confidence so this is a great milestone Challenge to work towards.

  5. Run your first raceRun your first race - running a race will give you your first Personal Best, which is something you can then improve on or maintain. Running in a race is a great way to meet other runners, experience the comaraderie of a big event AND you get a goodie bag at the end! This Challenge is a great motivator to help you commit to becoming a runner. 

    REMEMBER: Your first race needn't be a massive one! Most runners will use different distance events to help their overall training and gain some vital race-day experience.

What tip do you wish you'd known when you first started out running? Share it in the comments below!