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Top 5 epic hiking routes on Tribesports


Posted by Cags R under Hiking on 15 September 2012 at 11:00 PM

Hiking is one of the best ways to see remote parts of the world which are inaccessible by car, bike or even plane! Here are the 5 most popular epic hiking routes from all over the globe, including 2 of the 7 wonders of the world!

1. The Appalchian Trail - this is a trail running over 2000 miles from Maine to Georgia, cutting through New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Viginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and finally ending up in Georgia! Nearly 13,000 hikers have earned the 2000-miler title, are you up for this Challenge? Check out smaller routes near you on the Trail website and prepare for some beautiful hiking.

2. Franz Josef Glacier - one of New Zealand's most breath-taking spots (and in New Zealand there is pretty fierce competition!) this 12km glacier can be found on the west coast of the South Island and is an awesome route connected with tunnels, frozen steps and 'ice mazes'! Going with a guide means you'll have a lesson in the dramatic changes that have taken place on the glacier in recent history.

Absolutely incredible glacier experience - one of the coolest days of my life. I was on a shoestring budget, but would love to go again, get a helicopter to the top, and then hike down. If you are in the South Island NZ, and have a bit of time on your hands, please please go and hike Franz Josef! It totally owns it right to have World Heritage status - 
Jenna A

3. Climb the Great Wall of China - one of the 7 wonders of the world and possibly the world's first passport and border control! This epic landmark is over 13,000 miles long in its entirety but to hike along a section of it will take you along China's northern border in a truly unique way; check out all the awesome photos from other Tribesporters who've tackled this mammoth Challenge!

I have climbed the Great Wall a few times in different locations. One of my favorite times was when my husband and I climbed an unofficial section of the wall in the dead of winter. (VERY COLD). Once we got up there, we were the only ones there. - Lucille W

4. Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest 'non-technical' mountain on the planet (not requiring technical climbing kit). This extreme trek will take you from 27°C in the day to -27°C at night - to reach the summit takes you to Africa's highest point so this is a Challenge that puts you on top of the world!

Biggest sporting achievement to date! Changed my life! - Russell S

5. Inca Trail - our second wonder of the world in the list; the Inca trail is a 45km mountainous jungle hike which leads to the ancient city of Machu Picchu (yes that place in the latest Indiana Jones film but don't let that put you off!). You can go with guided tours with Sherpas or copy @newzealandnich and go au naturale:

I loved this! I was a little jealous of those folk who could afford sherpas to pack up camp and have hot food waiting. However, looking back, I am glad I went with my few friends au naturale - Nicholas S

Beautiful and epic. Was lucky and honoured to do this out of season with a local guide/acquaintance I met in Cusco. We carried our own gear, ate with locals and chewed coca leaves all the way. An experience I'll never forget. - Nathanial I

So have we missed any? Where's your most beautiful hiking spot and where is your dream location to go and explore on foot?

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    I can’t disagree with any of those Cags but would have to extend the list and add, in no particular order Tour du Mont Blanc. A round trip around the Mount Blanc Massif The haute Route – Chamonix – Zermatt The Camino de Santiago De Compostela Everest North Col advanced Base Camp Annapurna Circuit Trek. The ice fields in the Canadian Rockies:- Jasper – Lake Louise

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    Hiking the Great Wall of China really was the best (and hardest) day's walk I've ever had - absolutely breathtaking (some of my pictures are on the link)! I'm adding these other 4 to my list! Thanks for a great blog post!

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    These hikes look quite good. I would like to try inca trail in the future. The best hike I have ever tried was Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea. It is considered to be among world's most demanding hikes. I can certainly recommend it to everyone.


    sounds great Jane - I'm so keen for going to Peru for the Inca Trail too, couple of my friends have done it and they absolutely loved it!


    Inca trail is amazing.. not too strenuos if you go the sherpa route. Three course meals every evening. Think i probably gained weight. It it def worth going up Wyna Picchu which is the steep peak just past Machu Picchu. Limited numbers of climbers allowed each day.

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