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Top 5 guides to improve Triathlon performance


Posted by Cags R under Triathlon on 17 May 2013 at 11:00 PM

Triathlon performance relies on consistency throughout the 3 disciplines and efficiency in transitions. There are many guides on Tribesports which will help you improve your triathlon performance, these top 5 have been selected as they cover beginners need-to-knows, swimming training advice, kit suggestions and transition techniques.

Triathlon guide recommendations for beginners:

Joe Venarre swimming

A guide to your first triathlon was written for us by Joe Venarre (yes, that's him in the goggles!) from Hybrid Athlete. This guide covers everything a beginner triathlete could want to know for your first triathlon.

Different equipment in triathlon is a quick guide to take you through the different options for triathlon kit - from what are tri-bars to the difference between swimming wetsuits to surfing wetsuits. This guide will help beginner triathletes to decide on which kit is a must-have and which is an unnecessary expense.

We asked which discipline our Facebook fans was their strongest out of Swimming, Cycling and Running.

53.5% said that they were most confident at running, 25% said cycling would be their strongest and 21.5% said swimming was their dominant discipline. From this, we have approached top triathlon and swimming bloggers to write guides to help build confidence and efficiency in their swimming.

Swimming in open water

Energy conservation tips for triathlon swimmers was written by Intelligent Triathlon Training and provides you with excellent advice on how to approach the swim in your triathlon, from technique and training to doing your homework on the course and event.

Nikki T medal triathlon

REMEMBER: ‘You can’t win the race in the swim but you sure can lose it’.

Triathlon specific swimming training is a really good swimming guide brought to us by medal winning Nikki T whose history in competitive swimming makes her a strong competitor in triathlon.

"Pulling as fast as you can may sound like a good idea, but in reality, if you’re not efficiently grabbing a lot of water, you are exerting a lot of energy and not going as far as you could be.  Distance per stroke is something that swimmers should be focused on.  Keep your stroke rhythm steady, and focus on grabbing the water with your arms." 

Transition should feel effortless

The final guide in our top 5 guides to improve triathlon performance is from former User of the Week Alan C and his guide on Fast Triathlon Transitions - this is a great guide on turning transitions into autopilot!

What are your top triathlon tips? Share them in the comments below!