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Top 5 natural ice skating rinks


Posted by Cags R under Ice Skating on 11 December 2012 at 12:00 AM

'Tis the season to go skating - and nothing beats an outdoor rink, nothing except a natural outdoor rink! Here's a break down of our top 5 natural ice skating spots around the globe:

1. The south-eastern Swedish lakes in Östergötland and Södermanland

The mill-pond conditions of these lakes in summer transition beautifully into crystal clear ice when winter comes around. If you're sick of going around in circles at your local ice rink then have no fear - these lakes range in size and you'll always have somewhere incredible to explore. You can hire guides to take you to the best natural skating spots which vary throughout the winter, this is a great comfort to many first time natural ice skaters who may be nervous about the ice conditions. 

2. Keystone Lake, Colorado

Keystone lake Colorado Ice Skating

If you're thinking of something a little better connected than the silent Swedish skating experience, why not head to Colorado for a festive themed natural ice rink at Keystone Lake. This destination is great, especially if you have kids who are keen to try skating. It's like a mini Lapland in the heart of the US! The lake gets resurfaced to ensure smooth skating.

3. Lake Clearwater, New Zealand

Lake Clearwater Ice skating with kite

On New Zealand's South Island lays a lake which is 1km by 5km and shallow enough to freeze over in the winter (whilst warming up for pleasant swimming in the summer). The wind funnels down through the mountains providing excellent windsurfing in the summer and has introduced us to an awesome new sport; kite skating! 

4. Kenai Lake, Alaska

Alaskan Ice Skating Lake Kenai

Unsurprisingly, the northernmost (and probably coldest) US state has some pretty epic lakes for skating, this photo was taken by skaters on Kenai Lake which is a 22 mile long lake in the Kenai Peninsula. The depth of the lake gives the ice this incredible blue sheen.

5. Lake Jura, Switzerland/France

Lake Jura ice skating

Up in the mountains by the French and Swiss border you will find loads of excellent ski resorts, with the possibility of skating over the collection of lakes in the Jura region. This photo shows how popular it can be so worth getting out on the ice early to enjoy it in less busy times. As busy as this photo may look, it's nothing compared to the Earls Court ice rink the weekend before Christmas!!

Where is your favourite place to outdoor ice skate? Take the Challenge to skate 40 minutes without falling over or if you're a total newbee to skating, challenge yourself this winter by Learning to Ice Skate!