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Top 5 Sports Motivation Tribes


Posted by Cags R under General on 15 September 2013 at 11:00 PM

There are tons of awesome Tribes where you can find motivation to do more sport - but here are our top 5 to get you started:

  1. Inspiring People and Inspiring Challenges TribeInspiring People and Inspiring Challenges 

    This Tribe is a great place to get motivated through the inspiring actions of others - share your favourite inspiring people whether they're adventurers, record breakers or people that beat the odds and achieved their goals. With loads of different discussions and questions, this is a great place to read about awesome people to get that extra bit of motivation to go out and smash your training today!

  2. Exercise Psychology

    Exercise Psychology TribeEver wonder why you struggle to motivate yourself to train? 50% of new exercisers are likely to drop out within six months, because starting and maintaining a fitness programme can be tough when it's not been part of your life before.

    That's where the Exercise Psychology Tribe can help - join the Tribe and discover different motivationa nd habit-building techniques to keep you training past those first 6 months.

  3. Sport Motivations

    One of the most popular Tribes on Tribesports is Sport Motivations - from the epic photos to the Guides written up by guest bloggers and Tribesports users, this is a Tribe to really get motivated by!

    Sport Motivations
  4. When you feel like quittingMotivation for Weight Loss

    Weight loss can be a tough journey which can be made easier by talking about it with other people striving for the same goal - that's why Irene M's Motivation for Weight Loss is a great place to share your success stories, your set backs and your goals - check it out!

  5. Motivational Quotes

    Who doesn't love motivational words of wisdom?! In our User of the Week interviews, we always ask the favourite quote of the latest UoW and it's always something new - there seems to be no end to the number of quotes that, in one way or another, can motivate you to so more sport!

Latest UoW wuote