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Top Monthly Challenges


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training, Triathlon, Nutrition on 31 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

Taking on a monthly Challenge at the beginning of the month makes it so much easier to stick to! Also having fellow Tribesports users who are taking it with you means you have a buddy for encouragement and motivation to keep you going with the Challenge.

No pizza for a month this Challenge was specially made for Julien T when his pizza addiction all got a bit out of hand and Rose K challenged him to go a month without! It's not that all pizza is bad for you, this Challenge encourages variation and trying new things, so who's game? Give a shout out on the Challenge if you're starting on the 1st September and check out who are your pizza-free comrades! 

25 push-ups a day for a month if you complete this Challenge in September then you will have achieved an impressive 750 push-ups! If you can't manage 25 in one set then this is a great opportunity to increase your max-reps on push-ups. See if you can buddy up with someone from the other side of the world to do your push-ups together!

No cakes, sweets, chocolate, crisps, pop (soda) for a month this is a ruthless dietary Challenge, it's basically a cut-the-crap regime to cut out unhealthy snacking. If you're a chronic snacker then you'll need the team's support on this one, it is tough!

Get a serious sweat on with the Interval Training Once a Week For a Month Challenge! Alternating between intense running or cycling and slow recovery jogging or walking allows you to really torch that fat and increase your fitness levels. Add this to your routine to reap the benefits no matter what your sport.

Ironman in a Month for budding triathletes out there, use September to increase your distances by taking on this Challenge. This is an awesome way to regularly include running, swimming and cycling into your routine and should also have you on brick workouts to get in the distance in a month.

So if you've been having a love/hate or take/fail relationship with monthly Challenges, restart your hardest ones on Saturday 1st September and see how much easier a monthly Challenge is when we're in it together!