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Triathlon Tuesday: Matt Gunby's Advice and Challenges


Posted by Cags R under Triathlon on 29 May 2012 at 7:00 AM

Matt Gunby is a British Triathlete currently in training at British Triathlon’s National Performance Centre in Loughborough. Originally competing in the duathlon, Matt transitioned into the Triathlon and is working towards a successful season in his first year on the UK Sport Lottery funded British Triathlon World-Class Programme..

He was kind enough to answer some of our questions, recommending 5 Challenges to improve your performance in the triathlon:

1.Swimming - 400m Time Trial every 6 or 8 weeks to monitor progress (particularly important during the winter when you’re not racing).

2.Cycling - 10 mile Time Trials. Most local Cycling Clubs have midweek Time Trials during the summer.

3.Running - Local 5km / 10km road races during the summer or cross-country races during the winter.

4.Hard brick sessions - Simulates running on tired legs. It is often good to do the bike at home on a turbo trainer, because it can be of a logistical challenge finding somewhere to leave your bike when doing your run off otherwise.

5.Early Season Duathlons - These are great for getting you used to multisport racing after the winter, and often mean you are better prepared for when the Triathlon season starts.

How did you first start triathlon racing? 

I was recruited by British Triathlon as part of the Trigold programme, which looks to get top-level runners to move into Triathlon.

Which part of the triathlon do you find hardest and how do you compensate for this in your training?

Swimming, as this was the last of the three sports I took up. I receive extra technical coaching for my swimming, and spend more time training in the pool/open water than I do running or cycling. I’m seeing the rewards for my hard work with gradual improvements in my performances.

What advice can you give for speed transitions? 

Practice makes perfect. Make sure you are comfortable with the kit you use, and practise using it. I use elastic bands on the heel tabs of my bike shoes and attach them to my bike. This holds the bike shoes in place and makes it easy to get your feet into your shoes out of first transition.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions?

No. If I have trained well leading up to the race, and my recent races have been good, then I’m confident and don’t need pre-race rituals or superstitions.

What nutrition do you use?

It depends on the race but here's a guide to my nutrition for a morning Olympic Distance race.

What is your favourite item of kit? 

My ipad: I spend a lot of time travelling to races, so the ipad gets a lot of use.

And finally what’s your favourite sports quote?

‘Pain is temporary glory is forever,’ or ‘train hard, race easy.’

If you would like to watch the Olympic Triathlon, this guide gives you all the best viewing points which have been recommended by British Triathlon. It's free to watch and promises to be an exciting race around Hyde Park!