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Tribe-A-Lympics Victory Parade!


Posted by Cags R under Cycling, Swimming, Running on 11 September 2012 at 4:00 PM

All we can say is - WOW - you've outdone yourselves this time; in the last 6 weeks of fierce competition, we've clocked an amazing total of 50,863.68km!! To put this into a ridiculous stat - we have gone the equivilant of running, swimming and cycling around the equator one and a quarter times!

That's right folks, we went an eighth of the way to the moon! The Tribe-A-Lympic Challenges were set up to inspire a little friendly competition between the continents and we never expected such a great response of team work and shear gut-busting effort.

We're so impressed, in fact, that we're having to tweak the rules a little; the original rules stated that ONLY THE WINNING CONTINENT CAN COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE - well that just seems a bit silly after all your effort:

To say a massive Thank You for making this competition so amazing, we are pleased to announce that anyone who logged training data in these Challenges can click 'Complete' and the Challenge will appear in your achievements - you earned it! For those who participated for the winning teams, you will also find a shiny new medal in your cabinets. These medals will be issued from today so look out for them popping up on your profiles.

Check out some of the highlights from the Tribe-A-Lympics 2012:


The cumulative distance of all the swimming events in 2012 Games was 42.4km - we swam over 10 times that! 

Swimming pools across the globe have noticed a spike in swimmers obsessively calculating their distances.

A total of 479.7km has been logged by all the competitors - this adds up to a whopping 9594 lengths of an Olympic swimming pool!

Congratulations go to TEAM EUROPE who swam an impressive 251.54km - you take the gold for this Challenge!

Special Recognition - Tribe-A-lympics swimmers 2012

Joel W did amazing work for Team Americas - averaging 8.75km per week which adds up to 52.5km. That is 105 lengths of an Olympic length pool!

Graham R was one of our top contributors, coming
back no less than 18 times to log his swimming for Team Europe, he swam a total of 46.7km.

Vince S kept Australasia in the running with his mega efforts in the pool!

Malona V was our most active Team Asia swimmer, logging 8 swims and covering 18.15km - great going Malona!


The closely fought battle produced an amazing total of 26126.77km of running; this distance is further than running the circumference of the contintental US!!

In terms of marathons, together we covered the distance of over 619 and 14 team members logged a marathon distance (or more) in one run!

Congratulations go to the Americas, 10379.80km was their winning total - a well-earned gold medal for you!

Special Recognition - Tribe-A-lympics runners 2012

Laura N posted 42 times during the Tribe-A-Lympic Running - that works out to be a post-per day. With a total of 378.6km, Laura's been smashing out great runs throughout this competition and is well on her way to Run 100 miles in September.

First P represented Team Africa and did them proud with his awesome total of 564.5km. With regular posting throughout the Games, we are pleased to announce that First P is our overall most successful runner!

Candida B was the biggest contributor from Australasia - with 32 updates and over 365km logged, get that girl some Scooby snacks!

J. L. Alan T loves marathons (world's biggest understatement) - Team Asia were rubbing their hands together with glee when he signed up for the Tribe-A-Lympics! His 360.7km kept Team Asia well in the running.

Casey K brought it home for Team Americas by logging an impressive 442.7km which works out to be over 10km per day of the competition - GO CASEY!!


The Tribe-A-Lympic cycling competitors could have completed the men's Olympic road race 97 times over!

From the lycra-clad leg shavers to the casual commuters, we've been getting back on those bikes day after day to log kilometres for our continents.

Europe powered ahead to win this competition with a lead of 2200km - gold medals coming your way!  

Special Recognition - Tribe-A-lympics cyclists 2012

Frank P - former User of the Week and all round legend - wins our prize for the furthest distance logged in the cycling Tribe-A-Lympics, Frank clocked an amazing 2010.43km!! We can't be certain but we assume this was all part of Frank's zombie apocolypse training (when the Zombies come, I'm sticking with

Avril P was the contributor of 89.1% of all of Team Africa's kilometres in the cycling; she logged 102.74km in one day - impressed? Well, Avril classed this as a 'training ride'!

Joy H rode the furthest out of all the ladies in the Tribe-A-Lympics, a cracking 908km - we're just hoping she's got a comfy pair of shorts!

Per M was our most committed cyclist, logging a total of 35 times with his longest ride 33.2km - these steady contributions definitely aided Team Europe in their Tribe-A-Lympic cycling.

April W completed a 100 mile cycle in one day - the 164.2km which she added was another great contribution to Team Americas.

Nicholas N logged an amazing 615.7km over 7 days and really boosted Team Asia in their Tribe-A-Lympic cycling.

Congratulations to all competitors, your contributions, comradery and commitment made the Tribe-A-Lympics what it was, thank you!

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    i still find it crazy the number of different nations we have on Tribesports - and also can't get over @frankp's cycling efforts, what a legend!

    Lucille W encouraged this.


    Look forward to future events: I missed joining these, but anxiously await the next ones!!

    Lucille W and Jennifer P encouraged this.


    I quit the running challenge last night as the European team didn't win it :o(

    Carol Ann B encouraged this.


    Me too Mike! Will it let us re-take & complete?? Anyway, well done everyone, these challenges were great fun :)


    " Enjoyed this challenge very much. It really brought forth teamwork at its best in everyone who participated . Some may be disappointed that their team did not win......but I guess the greatest consolation , is that it would have made everyone stronger & more efficient runners....which I think is the greatest achievement! "

    Jane H encouraged this.


    This was awesome! Having these types of challenges results in me running and swimming more. Can we do similar challenges for other international sporting events? Asian games, world championships, etc. ? I know the other international events don't have the same fanfare - but this was so much fun! I don't want to wait four years to do it again. Maybe the Tribesports annual games?


    Oh!!!! I deleted it. Have to retake and complete.Really enjoyed the challenge!!!!


    Surely it's just the winning team that clicks complete


    In my humble opinion I think all members who take the challenge and actually log and contribute should be able to complete the challenge. Then the winning continent is awarded with the medal as the bonus. But one might argue that this needs to be documented in the rules as the challenge begins. At the end of the day, the challenge has encouraged more people to be active, so win, win I say :-)

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    @helenh2 the winning teams are the only ones who get medals, so they still receive extra reward

    Brenda D encouraged this.


    @janeh - it was always our intention to have these Challenges being completed by everybody, we just had to get the tech in place so that the medals would only be given to the winning team (luckily our techies are awesome and it all got done!) Glad you enjoyed the Challenges and can't wait for more team challenges soon!

    Brenda D and Jane H encouraged this.


    These were fantastic challenges! Well done everyone who took part... if only the Olympics were every year!

    Adrian K encouraged this.


    Cheers everyone. Great to go around the world with ya!

    Brenda D encouraged this.


    Thanks to all the running challenges, marathon training, and great team challenges comraderie, I am so happy to have had the opportunity to contribute by running an equivalent of 10k a day! I didn't realize it was THAT much - no wonder I don't have a life outside of work and running :) Great job to everyone!!

    Lucille W and Eddie W encouraged this.


    That was the closest to the Olympics that I'll ever make! Great challenge idea! - Thanks TS and everyone !

    Eddie W encouraged this.


    This has been a fun challenge, looking forward to participating in the next team challenge

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