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Tribe Trends - Keep them coming!


Posted by Cags R on 22 February 2014 at 12:00 AM

Join Tribe Trends to share your vision of what Tribe means to you; what do you think of when you think "Tribe"?

Tribe Trends

So far, we've had some great responses to Tribe Trends - here are just a few of the different things that "Tribe" mean to Tribesports members?

  • A common core, objectives and values

  • Family team and friends and warriors all have the same common values and goals

  • Team effort- nobody gets left behind

  • A Tribe exists because individuals 'want' to be a part of it; a common caring and mutual respect ensure the strength of a tribe

  • When I think of a tribe I think of my fellow Marines active or not fighting the good fight plus also a group that relies on each other for a common goal

  • Like minded people getting together and supporting one another to achieve a goal in unison

  • Sports people unite and beat with the same rhythm of one heart :)

We don't just want to hear about what Tribe means to you, we want to see it too! There have been such an amazing variety of images shared in the Tribe photos and it would be great to see even more peoples, patterns and places that signify why a Tribe is to you.

Join Tribe Trends and help put the Tribe in Tribesports.