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Tribesports achievements from 2012 resolutions


Posted by Cags R under General on 22 December 2012 at 12:00 AM

Earlier this year, we all made resolutions as to how to make 2012 a year focused on sport, fitness and getting healthy - how many of us stuck to them?

To give you a few ideas about what your New Year's resolution could be this year, we've looked back over the last 12 months to see who on Tribesports has stuck to their resolutions and what they've got their sights set on for 2013:

Jenna Anians profile

Jenna A's goals were to compete in 5 organised events in 2012 and to run a 10k in under 1 hour:

Ok, so I didn't actually complete these 2 Challenges but I did run a half marathon (and loved it),  competed in the palace2palace 50mile ride and cycled to Paris in a very frosty October. Still 2 minutes off my 10km target - but i will defeat it!!!! 

Steve R has managed to cut down his marathon time massively this year which was his main 2012 resolution:

I knocked 8 mins off my PB in the Dublin Marathon, doing a 3:20 marathon, but I didn't make it to sub 3:15 which was my goal for this year. I'm sticking with original plan though - 2013 I am going to try and go sub 3 hours.

Eoin running VFFEoin O was successful in his goal to get back to running after injury - he even wrote up an excellent article for Tribesports all about how minimalist running helped him towards recovery!

Joe C  did indeed achieve my main goal of 2012 and here is the evidence - score a goal from outside the box!

I actually achieved a few more impressive things this year, like running a half marathon and CYCLING TO PARIS, but y'know...

Jonathan H only started running in 2012 but he managed to smash his goal of running a half marathon, he ran the Cardiff half with a respectable time of 2:13:05 - way to go Jonathan!

Cags R exceeded her expectations this year - her resolution was to run in a 10km race:

I ran in a 10k, completed it in just under an hour! I think my resolution was just the start though as I've also cycled to Paris, tried at least 5 new sports this year, gone down a jean size and lost a stone - 2013 is going to be the year of my first triathlon!

Rose K was aiming to compete in a 100 mile cycle race and regain her fitness after an old injury flared up in January this year:

I am fitter than I was in January, my core strength has improved and my back is a lot better than it was 12 months ago! I did not succeed in a bike race, but I took part in 3 organised running races and improved every time out. I also cycled to Paris again with the team which was a completely different experience to the last time I did it, but still a lot of fun!! I would like to improve my running in 2013 and I still want to do that cycle race!! 

Eiffel tower with Bianci

David H had two, run 5K under 25min and run 15k.

I did both quite early on in the year, my fastest 5k is under 24 mins and I managed the 15k in 1 hour 20 mins. Since those early victories I suffered a couple of stress fractures that led me to change my running style to minimalist (fore-foot running). I've been doing that for 3 months and am up to 5k. My resolution for 2013 is to do a 'formal' 10k running minimalist style.

Adrian liftingAdrian K wanted to improve his Olympic lifting - he wanted to hit 100% on the snatch and 150% on the clean and jerk:

I had a couple of setbacks with injuries but overall progress has been very good, I joined an Olympic weightlifting club where I met @alvinomni and a couple of other really cool guys and girls who have been helping me progress further with my lifting. 

I increased my Clean and Jerk to complete a couple of lifts at 100kg, and my snatch technique has improved massively, I hit the 50% bodyweight mark and am now getting close to achieving a bodyweight snatch (83kg) with a current PB of 72.5kg.

Will R was hoping to improve his tennis serve and his half marathon time:

I improved my tennis service increasing the speed but unfortunately not to the accuracy I would have liked, more importantly I still have the upper hand over my tennis pals! I recorded a new half marathon PB of  01:40:37 earlier this year.

I did try five new sports I had never done before, but they were not all the ones I intended to do. They were climbing, BMX, velodrome cycling, real tennis and kayaking.

Arnaud M profileArnaud M set himself the massive Challenge of a double marathon:

I haven't completed my Challenge of running a double marathon and I would certainly not complete it before the end of the year! However, I started barefoot running. It was particularly hard to get into during the first two months. However within the last months, I've managed to several times over 20 kms and once over 30 kms into my barefoot running shoes! I've done as well a 10 km run, without shoes at all. Even I haven't completed the challenge I originally gave to myself, I am pretty happy with the ones that came out of the year 2012.

How have your resolutions gone this year? Did you get to tick off that Challenge? Share your greatest achievement of 2012!

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    My acheivements for 2012, entered the skinny dip world record attempt,organised by THE EDGE radio station. The attempt to break the record was unsuccessful but fun was had by all that attempted it, and I am sure they will try and attempt it next year. Joining Tribesport is another acheivement for theis year and completeing the challenges that I have managed to take and finish them. Walking up Mount Maunganui this year was a really good personal challenge for me. Fundraising for breast cancer is also another personal challenge that I have taken on that is still on going and will continue into the next year. Finished a course in health and fitness another acheivement I acheived this year. And I am just really happy that all my family are all fit ans well.


    I just posted a rather lengthy recount of my 3 top achievements to the Where are you compared to last year? challenge page. Here goes: 1. I am most proud of the way in which in my daughters have developed and progressed this year. My eldest daughter has completed her first year of Arts/Law at the prestigious Melbourne University; my middle daughter graduated from High School and is now going on to study a Masters of Dietetics. I have endeavored to support them in everything they have set out to achieve, and be a positive role model in their lives. 2. I know my dad would be proud of the way in which I have supported, loved and cared for my mum, since he passed away in June. It has been an incredibly tough and sad year, sharing Dad's battle with cancer. I will be forever grateful that I was able to hold his hand as he departed. 3. In terms of fitness, I am most proud of running 2 half marathons this year, at the age of 44. I have dabbled in running, but up until this year, never really took it seriously. Running has been my haven, my solace, where I have been able to come to terms with the changes in my life. Bring on 2013, with all its opportunities and promises :)


    Bad health for the majority of the year has stopped me from my main 2012 ambition of running my first half marathon, looking hopefully towards end of next year... I did successfully run in 5 organised events - scoring my first santa and first mud run - heaps cool. Still working on my first chin up...I foolishly let a new job stop my training for that goal but I'm getting back on track - It will happen next year!


    2012 has been a good year for me I am both physically and mentally fitter..............many thanks to all the positives around me that have helped me grow slowly from strength to to all during this SEASONS GREETINGS


    To be running again is in itself is nothing short of a miracle for me, never did I think it could at the level of fitness have achieved. I set myself two aims for 2012.... 1) Run a sub 45 min 10K.... I ran 44.06! 2) Run a sub 1.55 HM... I ran 1:39:50! So it has been a great year! In running I do something that I enjoy, I feel that I have been given a second chance and I am embracing it, what I really love is being around my family, my 5th Grandchild was born in 2012, I have been blessed with a beautiful, loving, caring family that I am so grateful for the health and wellbeing to enjoy.... Best Wishes to everyone on TS for the Festive Season and 2013..... :)

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    Awe thanks have been a great encouragement to me this year...Thank You.... :)

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    I started running again this year after 15 years of vegetation state. I ran this year a 12km, a 2 days marathon, a 8km, a marathon, a half marathon, a 10km and many 5km. I've also done a duathon. I'm looking forward to do more next year starting with a small triathlon and 2 marathons before may. WISHING EVERYONE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 FULL RICHNESS IN ALL YOUR CHALLENGES.

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    Thank you Jane. All the best to you too for 2013.

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    My 2013 target is to do a triathlon and then go onto complete an olympic triathlon distance swim.

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