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Tribesports adds Your Photos section to profiles


Posted by Steve R on 22 August 2011 at 11:50 AM

Lots of exciting stuff being released today.  A lot of users were asking for the ability to be able to see their photos in one place - be they uploaded to tribes, challenges, achievements, or just that awesome pic you took whilst out on a ride and posted to an activity feed item.

So - we've just released the Your Photos page - check Steve's out

This collates all your photos from across the site, into one page.  This is the first iteration - we'll make it re-orderable, more navigable over time, but for those people with a lot of pics like Steve, it's a great page to see all your uploads.  The photos you've uploaded from your /home dashboard are displayed in the 'Other' section at the foot of the page.

We've also released Albums, so rather than just upload pics to a tribe, challenge or achievement, you can create an album first, and then upload pics to that album, within a tribe, challenge or achievement.  It might be useful for achievements, where you want to upload before, during and after a race albums for example, or within tribes, so you can put groupings of suggested techniques or views in a linkable folder.

This album functionality is far from finished - within the next week, you'll be able to reorganise your photos already uploaded to albums - at the moment the album functionality only supports new pics uploaded, and if the album has already been created.

We'll also be adding photo privacy settings, so if you want to lock down your photos page, you can (if you have a private profile, then your pictures will also be private at the moment, don't worry)