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Tribesports Annual review


Posted by Cags R under General on 30 December 2012 at 12:00 AM

2012 has been massive for Tribesports, not only did we complete thousands of Challenges (435,724 to be precise!), share tons of advice and log a ridiculous amount of exercise, we also released the iPhone and Android apps so you can have Tribesports in your pocket! Let's take a look at the annual review and see what we've all achieved in this year!

You are a force to be reckoned with

To start off, which Challenges have been the most active this year? The top 3 Challenges which had the most sharing, updates and advice sharing in 2012 were:

In third place we have 100 crunches a day for 2 weeks - this is one of the most popular Challenges on TS and also has had loads of chat and advice swapping. Whether it's tips on the 6 types of crunches or recommendations from those have completed on how they did it - this is an
awesome Challenge to start you off on the two-weekers!

Tribe-A-Lympic Running

In second place, the Tribe-A-Lympic Running Challenge - this was one of the three Tribe-A-Lympic Challenges which were a huge success throughout the Olympic games. The winning continent was the Americas who logged over 10,000km of running over the 6 week contest!

In first place, the most interactive Challenge of 2012 was the 5 person relay rematch15 teams of 5 people battled it out to be the first team to reach 1000km of running - the only catch was that only one team member could run at a time! This Challenge was an incredible display of team work, comaraderie and fun - congratulations go to Challenge creator Eddie W!

How far has Tribesports run, cycled, rowed, walked and swam in 2012?

Running - 502,664km

Cycling - 319,435km

Rowing - 15,390km

Swimming - 14,046km

Walking - 52,092km

All together this adds up to just over 900,000km! These are just the kilometres that were logged on site in 2012, imagine what this figure will be for 2013! 

It's not just the runners, rowers, walkers, swimmers and cyclist who have been busy in 2012 - earlier this year we introduced the new feature to log bodyweight exercise reps as well as kilometres. Check out these awesome figures of exercises:

Tone up tight routine uses loads of bodyweight exercises

Crunches - 1,907,010 

Push ups - 676,700  

Squats - 605,403 

Jumping jacks - 499,648 

Sit ups - 190,818

Chair dips - 174,495 

Lunges - 167,551

Extended chair dips - 114,946

Burpees - 65,823 

Pull ups - 36,716 

Parallel bar dips - 11,895

Chin ups - 10,951 

Clap push ups - 1,709 

Over 1 million crunches - Abs of Steel Tribe must be filling up!

And now we turn to the 5 users who gave the most encourages and comments of 2012:

Let's hear it for everyone on Tribesports who has become more active in 2012! Here's to a New Year filled with new Challenges and huge achievements!