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Tribesports checks out the First Nation Home Challenge for Sport’s Relief 2012


Posted by Steve R on 28 October 2011 at 2:33 PM

last Wednesday we went along to the press day for what is being deemed to be the biggest ever UK Sport's relief challenge. Pitting four nations against each other and starring a host of celebrities and top athletes giving up their time to the cause.

The day started off with a presentation on the event from former Scottish international rugby star Cameron Mather. As it unfolded and they put on the press video you could see the competitors raring to go, here is a quick synopsis of how the event will unfold:

The First Nation Home Challenge will consist of 4 teams from each nation; Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. The teams will be built up of 10 members; 3 rugby players, 3 celebs and 4 athletes from the set disciplines (Running, Cycling, Sailing & Rowing). The event will be started and ended in each of the team's home nation and will consist of 8 stages over 8 consecutive days. For example here is England’s route:

  •  London - Cardiff

  •  Cardiff - Liverpool

  •  Liverpool - Dublin

  •  Dublin - Larne

  •  Larne to Stranraer

  •  Stranraer to Edinburgh

  •  Edinburgh to Retford

  •  Retford to London

Points will be prized ranked in order for each stage, including the last stage where 1,000 members of the public will run 10K in the 'Ran Slam Run' to the finish line with thier nation's teams in Belfast, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh. Every runner will be chipped and every runner's time will count to which nation is the ultimate winner!

Each participant will be asked to raise £450 for Sport's relief helping the people around the uk and in the most impoverished countries. Every penny will make a difference.

Here is the press video released on youtube and soon to be hitting your television screens:

Following the presentation we were lucky enough to get to talk to some of the competitors starting with the lovely Chris Boardman an Olympic champion cyclist known for breaking the hourly world cycling record-Twice! As well as playing a fundamental part in preparing the GB team for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Here is what he had to say:


After having a good chat with Chris we headed over for a casual chat with Paddy Johns, a former International rugby player in his time who will be competing for Ireland and was very much looking forward to the event. Soon we headed off in search for Iwan Thomas, the former Olympian gold medallist for the 400m sprint, who still holds the Uk and Commonwealth records. Iwan seemed excited and eager to get training when we talked to him. He told us his hopes for the Sport’s relief event as well as talking about his sporting love as a child before giving us some great advice on marathon running and some athletic tips for all of those aspiring athletes out there!

Next we got a good chance to talk to a couple more of the rivaling competitors (and former rivaling rugby players) including; Thom Evans & Josh Lewsey.


In the last few Years Josh has had a career change and been enjoying his climbing challenges, although Josh may see his climbing as a hobby and a great experience, we must say scaling the North face of Everest is a hell of an achievement as well!

The day was wrapped up with a few press photos, and here is one great one we got of some the gang:

Some of the team for the First nation Home

If you want to know a bit more about the event and consider racing for your nation while making a bit of bob for charity aswel! check out the challenge at this link: