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Tribesports Featured user of the week: @Arnaud!


Posted by Steve R on 8 December 2011 at 1:08 PM

Arnaud is one of our most active and extreme members of the site.  This sports junkie has a passion for all things outdoors whatever the season, and loves Hikingskiing and climbing. Currently he is taking on one of our biggest challenges: Exercise every day of the year, which he has nearly completed and soared through with ease! He has developed as a runner, taken on Bikram yoga and cycles every day. It appears there is no sport that Arnaud can't take on! We asked Arnaud some questions about his drive, what keeps him motivated and his enthusiasm and love for sport:

User of the week: @Arnaud

We hear in your early years you were a gymnast, what was your strongest area?

At age 6, I started Judo and Gymnastics and kept it up for 10 years. They are great sports and helped me to centre my energy. I was a hyperactive kid and in those disciplines you really need to learn how to stay calm and focus yourself.

I loved floor exercise and high bar, probably because these were the easiest ones for me, or because the moves helped me adjust to other sports more easily like dance, yoga, martial arts, climbing, etc.

 And did you take part in many events?

I took part in many events, reaching several times the regional level in Judo and the national level in gymnastics. For a kid, the competitions were usually far from home and these where my first real experiences travelling. I would find myself going to a gymnastics competition at the other end of the country or heading over to Germany for a friendly Judo competition!

Christmas is coming up! We know you enjoy a spot of skiing, so will you be hitting the slopes this winter?

At the moment, no plans for skiing but it will be a terrible year if I don’t get down at least one little tiny slope!

We know you are an avid climber, spending a couple of nights a week in Westway Climbing Centre.  What draws you to such an extreme sport?

Well, I had never thought of climbing as an extreme sport until one special day where I had my first ever fall on a camming device while opening a new route in Fresnes. I was hit by a rock which split my helmet in two pieces (thank god for the helmet). More generally, I am usually doing sport climbing inside, which is pretty safe, a far cry from more extreme sport on actual mountains in my opinion.

When not climbing mountains or running miles on end. What are your other interests and hobbies outside sport?

Travelling, travelling and more travelling!!!

You are currently taking the exercise everyday in a year challenge, what inspired such a massive commitment?

it's great making others aware of the beneficial effects of sport and hopefully pushing them to do more in sports themselves.

You have gone from hardly ever running, to running ultra marathons!! Quite impressivein just one year! Tell us about your first ever marathon?

I started running in August 2010,  a few kilometres every day just to go to and from work. I had the opportunity to meet several inspirational runners like Steve and Andrew Murray and this inspired me to take my first event, a half marathon. I found it brilliant and when I heard a few weeks later that Andrew  was doing 30-35 miles every day and that he would be passing through London on his Scotland2Sahara Challenge, I thought – I am in! So I ran the London stint with him, it was a massive leap having previously only ran a half marathon and the weather was terrible the entire time. But it was brilliant, such a magical run and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

What would you say were your greatest achievements/ experiences to date?

Let's stay in this last year, there are far too many to name! I started running and ran two marathons and two ultra marathons in a year, loads of half marathons all of which were amazing. I have also loved updating my 'Exercise Every Day of the Year' it’s great to know I’m inspiring people to do more in sports.

How has Tribesports helped you?

I really like the aspect of Tribesports where we can all cheer each other on, it doesn't matter what your level is, the only thing that matters is the spirit of being active.

Lastly Arnaud, can you give us a few inspirational words for our other users?

'Work hard, play hard, sport hard!'

To find out more and perhaps get inspired, follow Arnaud here