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Tribesports featured user of the week: Joanna R!


Posted by Steve R on 10 November 2011 at 11:14 AM

'October 29th, during the snowtober snowstorm on the east coast and we got 26 inches of snow!'

Joanna currently lives in Lennox, US and is a treasured member of the Tribesports team. An enthusiastic and encouraging user Joanna is always creating interesting tribes and challenges for other users to enjoy. She loves all things outdoor and had some great achievements and experiences to talk about. So read on to learn more about Joanna's awesome life in sports:

Hi @JanuaryJo! Tell us a bit about yourself?
I grew up in a small town in rural western Massachusetts, and I am the oldest of 4 girls.  My work has me travelling frequently and I juggle the demands of 2 little boys.

Have you always been involved with sports?
No – but I have always been active and loved being outdoors. I started running when I was 29 and have enjoyed being in many local 5 and 10K races.

What was your favourite sport as a kid? Where you in any school teams or clubs? I have been a skier since I was 3 years old and skied on the race team in high school.  I also learned to ride horses when I was around 7 or so and rode with my sisters all through our childhood.

Outside of sport, what are your other hobbies and interests?
I love to read books of all kinds and magazines, cooking – I try one new recipe a week, travelling to new places, and antiquing when I have the time.  I enjoy music and dancing too.

It is obvious you have an extreme passion for yoga, tell us what it is you enjoy about it?
 I started practicing yoga off and on about 15 years ago.  My work life involves a lot of talking and working with people and the yoga was a good way to nurture myself and cultivate calming thoughts.  I have been dedicated to a regular practice for about 3 years now and started doing hot yoga last spring.

And which kind would you recommend as being the most beneficial?
I love vinyasa flow the best, but I have done anusara, ashtanga, Kripalu, Iyengar, and Kundalini.  It’s important to be a student of the discipline, yoga is very humbling, and the breathing is one of the most important things you can take from the practice.  I am grateful every time I take a class for the opportunity to work on myself as a person and try to connect to the deeper meaning of life.

We see you also love kayaking and skiing, what is it that draws you to the great outdoors?
I am drawn to sports or activities that require practice, things that you can always improve on, things that are outdoor-based, and involve nature.  I don’t belong to a gym, I like the solitude of a mountain lake or forest.

We love to see people like yourself really getting involved in the site and supporting and encouraging others. Tell us, what are you currently up to on the site, and what sports you’re currently enjoying?
A friend introduced me to the site and it’s been fun to see how everyone interacts and what challenges they create.

What is your favourite piece/s of sports gear and why?
My jade yoga mat, Lululemon yoga clothes, and Mizuno running shoes.  I also love my kayak!

What would you say are your greatest achievements to date?
When I was 20 I hiked to the bottom of the grand canyon and back with 50 pounds on my back, that was pretty cool.  When I was 30 I captained the only women’s fire muster team in my town ever to 3 first place wins.  These days the best thing I can do is make the time to take care of myself and stay healthy and active so I can enjoy these things for the long term.

How has Tribesports helped you?
It’s motivating to see everyone else out there competing and achieving their goals day after day.

What are your favourite challenges/ tribes on the site?
The yoga and the running challenges, my next goal is to run a half marathon.

Share one piece of advice for our other users?
‘Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.’
Meister Eckhart

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