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Tribesports featured User of the week: @Leec!


Posted by Steve R on 28 October 2011 at 10:46 AM

Lee C is a one of Tribesports most active users, who shares his love for sport in all walks of life whether it be work, volunteering, with friends or at his local gym! Although a keen football player Lee also enjoys running, mountain biking and badminton to name just a few! Lee is always active on the site logging training and taking whatever challenges he can, a real inspiration! We caught up with Lee this week to learn a bit more about his sporting experience:

Lee C

Lee c

I'm 29, from Dundee in Scotland, currently working as a football coach with my local council and working in Primary & Secondary schools through the city of Dundee. 2 years ago I went to America and worked there for 4 months. I've recently just returned after another 3 months coaching at a club in Philadelphia. I hope to move out there permanently early next year to live with my girlfriend (Lauren N). Really love my job, mainly because I'm active all day long! But getting children active and keeping them fit while having fun really makes me happy too!

Have you always been a sports keeno?

I've been into sports for as long as I can remember! From playing football during winter, to playing cricket in summer, then tennis during the 2 weeks of Wimbledon! I was always happy to see P.E. on my timetable at school too!

What was your favourite sport as a kid? Where you in any school teams or clubs?

Without doubt football! I played for my BB team in every game and competition that I could get to. Wind, rain or shine you would see my friends and me running about a pitch on a Saturday morning. And if there wasn't a game, we'd meet up and kick a ball around anyway!

What are your other hobbies and interests?

I currently help to coach a couple of youth football teams in my area so I'm always taking part in their games at the end of training! And I’ve just joined my local gym and I’m really enjoying getting down there and working out. I'm also a leader in my local Boys Brigade so I'm always down there running their sports activities whatever they may be!

You are such an inspiration to us here at Tribesports and many users! Tell us, what are you currently up to on the site, and what sports you’re currently enjoying?

Currently, I love just being a part of the Tribesports site! It's given me a big boost of motivation to go out, get fit and complete the challenges. I love making up new challenges and seeing people taking them on and completing them. I get a real buzz that I'm helping people to get fit and reach their goals! Right now I love the rowing machine in my local gym, I've really missed using it and I'm really enjoying all the rowing challenges I'm taking on right now.

What is your favourite piece/s of sport's gear and why?

I really love my new black and yellow Adidas running trainers. I got them while out in America at an outlet mall and they were a total bargain which makes me love them even more! They fit perfectly, and while not to everyone's colour tastes they are really comfortable to wear in the gym!

What would you say are your greatest achievements to date?

Running 10k's at Balmoral Castle and 5k's around Holyrood Park in Edinburgh for charity. Furthermore I’ve ran for other local charities, for example, a school in Kenya, I ran for the Everyman campaign were I raised over £5000 for other people. A little bit of sweat and hard work can really make a difference.

How has Tribesports helped you?

It's given me a new found sense of motivation! It's also given me some new ideas on my workouts and how to vary them. As soon as I've completed a challenge I'm looking for another to take on!

What are your favourite challenges on the site?

I really like the 7 & 14 day challenges. I feel that the 'one off' challenges can be done by quite a lot of people but the determination to keep going for a week or 2 EVERY day can be quite hard, especially with work and other commitments!

Share one piece of advice for our other users?

Try and not take on too much too soon! I've seen a few comments saying 'I'll never complete that' etc. Try doing a little bit every day and working up to the challenge!

My favourite quote for when things get tough during challenges, runs, etc is 'Pain is weakness leaving the body!'

To learn more about what Lee is up too and what challenges he is taking this week you can follow him using this link: