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Tribesports featured user of the week: @Shantanoo!


Posted by Steve R on 1 December 2011 at 11:02 AM

Shantanoo B is a relatively new member of the site. But in his short time here he has made a massive impact. @Shantanoo grew up in Mumbai, India and works there full time. He recently completed the' Exercise everyday in November challenge' and after shooting through the '500 push-ups in a month' in just a few days created the '5000 push-ups in a day'! @Shantanoo is a real trooper and one to watch on the Tribesports leaderboard! So why not find out a little more about his life in sports:


Hi @Shantanoo! You say you got really into sport when you were 16, what was it about this period in your life that changed your views?

In general, I just loved to run. My fondest memory during my childhood is just running to and back from school trying to beat my own PB each time!

But I got into the whole fitness concept when I was 16. Before that playing any sports was only about having fun.

I would love to tell you some great experience here, but to be honest it just happened one fine day! Maybe something just clicked and I realised that I should actually aim towards getting actively fitter.

What was your favourite sport as a kid? Where you in any school teams or clubs?

Cricket. Period. After that mostly cycling. I cycled and cycled, apart from that it was just mostly about playing whatever I felt like.

I was in a few sports clubs in college but that was partly so I could play and partly so I could skip classes....Ok, ok, mostly so I could skip classes. But I did love playing sports and I played everything I could, It was just competing in any event was not to my liking maybe because I wasn’t that good.

Outside of sport, what are your other hobbies and interests?

Apart from sports I mostly spend my time reading. I do Pranayama and some yoga, I Started it to calm myself down and now it is helping me improve my sports. Other than that I like to read, a lot!

Many people use the excuse they don’t have time for fitness with work, family e.t.c. How do you fit your sport around your daily routine?

I try to squeeze in at least 20/30 minutes every day of some type of exercise. Worst case scenario, I go for a walk for in late evening, and I would be lying through my teeth if I claimed not even having time even for that much!

Christmas is coming up! What would you say was your favourite winter sport/s?

While I am writing this, its 30°C (11.50 PM), at best it drops to 23-25. So the whole winter is out of the question. But occasionally it does drop down a little further, and then almost any outdoor activity here in the city is a favourite of mine. I mean just imagine road running in 25°C- 35°C.

I spent a couple of years in Sweden where I continued with my usual training and one thing that really obsessed me was running in the snow! That was truly brilliant, running in the snow was much kinder to my legs than running on the road, and add to that the bonus of really building my stamina and resistance. So yeah, favourite winter sport, Running in the snow.

I see you have made quite a few challenges recently, like the ‘5000 push ups in a month’. These are pretty big goals, what spurs you on to take such challenges?

It’s just a number.

5000 a month was a spur of the moment thing. I realised that I was taking the ‘500 a month challenge’ and I shot past that in 2/3 days, so I thought why not set the bar up a notch or two! And it’s just the whole 5000 number that plays on your mind, I see this challenge as doing 167 a day for 30 days straight, that keeps it simple and almost anyone would even think of doubling that with 2/3 months practice.

Well that’s quite an achievement, and a great way to look at your training! What else are you currently up to on the site, and what sports are you enjoying at present?

I got on the site purely through coincidence. But it is probably the best thing I have done online in some time. It’s great to learn from so many others trying all different kinds of training.

I currently don’t have much time to spend enjoying new sports, however I recently started playing squash, so hopefully I will maintain that to at least once a month. I do also remember to keep up-to-date with my regular workouts.

What is your favourite piece/s of sports gear and why?

So far I haven’t been attached a great deal to any of my gear. Only exception would be my old bike which I had during my school years. It was (an Indian Made) Hero Hawk. To suit my ride I had changed everything in it except for the bell. So it was truly my bike.

What would you say are your greatest achievements/ experiences to date?

Every time I break ahead of my personal best is an achievement for me. Really, I could list some of my achievements here. But isn’t it just greatest till present, and doesn’t everyone want to keep improving on their personal best every day?

If insisted however I would say that so far my greatest achievement is I never give up trying to improve!

How has Tribesports helped you?

I joined Tribesports because I thought it would be fun, but now I am challenging myself harder than before, thanks to some of the other users I have seen. Imagine having a close knit group of a few hundred working towards personal bests and all encouraging each other. Just the encouragement alone is enough to push you at least 10% harder, what more could I ask for?

What are your favourite challenges/ tribes on the site?

So far I am finding interesting bits and pieces across different tribes, but if I had to pick it would have to be 'I only exercise so I can eat more tribe', it just cuts through all the crap and gets down to the real point....FOOD!

In challenges I am finding it fun to just browse through all the different ones and pick anything that I haven’t done, personally I find weight exercise challenges to be my favourite.

Share one piece of advice for our other users?

‘Play the game for the game's own sake.’

-Sherlock Holmes (or Arthur Conan Doyle)

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