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Tribesports festive user of the week: Eoin O!


Posted by Steve R on 19 December 2011 at 12:54 PM

Ho, Ho, Ho! This year we have chosen Eoin O as our festive user of the week to get us into the spirit of things. Eoin would never let a bit of snow hold him back from pulling his trainers on. He is a big fan of all things winter, and all things natural being a member of the winter runner’s Tribe, and the barefoot runner’s Tribe.

So if you’re going for a brisk jog, be it Christmas morning or just an average day and you could use a few running tips, Eoin is your man!   Eoin is also an avid road cyclist and is sure to be taking part in a number of events in the new year.

Take a minute this Christmas to read a little more about what Eoin has in store this winter and beyond!

Hi Eoin! We read your Christmas day anecdote last year, loved it and decided you needed to be our Christmas special user of the week 2011!

Last Christmas was my first one as a runner. My brother-in-law was running in a race on Christmas Day (for charity) in his home town, so I said I'd run it with him. "It's only one mile" I thought.

When we drove down it was -13C, yes, seriously! By the time we got there and got out of the car it had "warmed up" to -9C.

I think I had four layers on my torso, a fleece scarf and hat, shorts and training pants and (of course) runners. Oh and fleece gloves too. We tried jogging up and down the path to warm up, but it was pretty icy so we jogged on the spot a lot. The main street got closed and we ran from the only set of traffic lights, down the main street, around a traffic cone and back. The road was really slippy and my throat and lungs were sore from breathing in the freezing cold air, so I had to breathe through my scarf. We each got a free bottle of orange flavoured drink (yuk!) and then ran back to my BIL's house, about 2k. By the time we got there the orange drink had turned to ice lumps even though I was holding it in my gloved hand.

Oh, I got third by the way :-)’

Will you be continuing the Xmas day running trend this year?

Yes, I’ll be doing the same race on Christmas Day this year

What would you say is your favourite winter sport?

Running – all year round. It’s more challenging during the winter, but that’s part of the fun and enjoyment of it.

We see you are taking the Jingle Bells 5k soon as well! Any other festive sporting events planned?

Not yet, just the Goal Mile on Christmas Day.

We know you are also an avid cyclist, how do you split your training across the different sports in the winter?

I’m a bit of a fair-weather cyclist, but I go to the gym 2-3 times a week all year round and keep running throughout.

What’s a typical Christmas day for you?

Up early with the kids for presents, then breakfast, washed and dressed and off to my in-laws for a big Christmas dinner. Later on we play board games like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Pictionary and even later we’ll get out a couple of guitars and have a jamming session into the wee hours.

What piece of equipment from your Tribesports wishlist will you be hoping for in your stocking this year?

I’d love a pair of 2XU compression shorts, or an exercise bike!

What are your other hobbies and interests besides sports?

I also play guitar and mandolin and love reading, mainly historical or non-fiction, but some fiction too. Have been known to play on the Wii with my kids too, and I don’t mind when my 5yo son beats me J

We all know ‘we only exercise so we can eat more’, so what’s your favourite part of Christmas dinner?

Cranberry sauce, yum yum!

Will you be taking our turkey challenge this year?

Can’t find that, although lots of Turkey related challenges, let me know which one it is.

Have you always been a keen sportsman? What activities did you get up to at school? Where you a part of any teams or clubs?

I reluctantly played rugby for my school, a forward in the second row. Then I moved schools and took up cycling. After school I went straight into Karate classes and continued doing various martial arts up until last year when running took over. I have done Kenpo (including competitions), Wado Ryu, Shotokan, Ninjutsu and more recently Krav Maga. When I was 22 I did a lot of soft tissue damage to my right leg in a crash and took up gym workouts for rehab and have been keeping them up and tailoring my own workouts to compliment my other training ever since.

We love reading your really impressive training logs! What challenges are you currently getting up to on and off the site?

Currently I am working on 3,000 crunches in December, 10 one handed pushups, run a 5k in less than 25mins (although I’m hoping to break 20mins next year), run 10k in less than 40mins, run a ½ marathoin in less than 1:40 and the 100 up barefoot running drill – to name but a few!

What is it about Tribesports you enjoy?

There’s a lot of feedback about your training, and you can see your friends’ challenges and then take them too. It’s competitive but not overly so, which is good.

Lastly give us a few festive and inspiring words for our other users?

Over the holidays, remember that nutrition is 60% of your training. As they say, “You can’t exercise yourself out of a bad diet and you can’t diet your way out of no exercise”.  You can enjoy the festive food without making too many training sacrifices. Have a great Christmas, a wonderful new year and be happy!

To follow Eoin and gain some great tips and advice on running click here.

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    Belated congratulations Eoin!!! So you got the T-shirt!!!! :-)

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