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Posted by Cags R on 16 July 2012 at 11:00 PM

We're very excited here at Tribesports to announce the release of our newest blog feature: Guest blogging and Expert features have arrived!

The aim of the Tribesports blog was always to bring you top sports updates, challenge recommendations and celebration of our awesome users. We're branching out even further on our quest to have the world's biggest sports blog with the addition of our new guest bloggers.

You can now look forward to a guest post every Friday, whether it's from a popular amateur blogger, professional athlete or fitness expert, we've got a host of excellent writers in the line up. 

Your go-to sports blog:

Our aim is to provide you with excellent insights from all aspects of the sporting world; from strength training experts like Christian Finn to ultra runners and parkour professionals, we want to become the go-to sports blog - in doing this we're asking for your help...

Your blogs and recommendations:

Whether you read blogs religiously, write your own or just enjoy a choice few articles, your recommendations of blogs from across the globe will be a key part of the Tribesports Blog Roll; a growing catalogue of excellent sports blogs available on site which links out to the blogs of our featured writers and also user blogs. 

You may also start noticing Tribesports badges on other websites; these badges can be collected from our Blogger Tools and will connect your website to your Tribesports profile - if we don't already have your sport as a badge then simply send in a request and we'll have one made up for you.


Add a badge to your website or blog by grabbing the embed code from the blogger tools so your followers can keep up to date with your Tribesports achievements and new challenges!

Want to feature?

We're always keen to hear from the Tribesports community and if you have a blog then we want to read it! The blog roll also has a list of great user blogs so you can see what your fellow Tribesports users are writing about. If you wish to have your blog added to the Blog Roll or would like to guest post then please send an email to - we can't wait to hear from you!

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    This is awesome! So cool thanks TS!! @ritcheysmith will love this!! Remember she asked for the business cards?

    Adrian K encouraged this.


    Yeah we're hoping Angelica will have some cracking recommendations! Do you blog at all Ben?


    I do yes Cags but im new with it, actually just send you an email. Had my own domain but cancelled the contract this month now trying to get a wordpress one up and running =)


    could we add this to our emails and what about linkedin? Also i had a thought today ...where to do i send that?


    All blog enquiries should go to, can you explain what you mean about linkedin? Looking forward to following your wordpress blog once it's up!


    how do i start a blog in my own Tribesports account? im new in this healthy lifestyle thingy and am bursting with enthusiasm. am thinking it wud be nice to write down my thoughts about this new journey. i wud appreciate a reply. tnx and best regards.


    Hi Nomi, have a look at this guide to starting your own blog: I say go for it, we don't have the facility here to allow you to start your own blog via Tribesports, but if you start up your own we would happily add it you to our user blogs blogroll!

    Nomi Pamaran ! encouraged this.


    Hey Gags, I would love to have a goal at doing a blog. Do I do one then send it to ? Our how do I go about it??


    Hi Murray - emailing will put you in contact with the right chap, happy holidays!

    Murray S encouraged this.

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