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Tribesports iOS app is available for download now !


Posted by Steve R on 12 April 2012 at 4:59 PM

Tribesports iOS app now available

In response to popular demand from our users, I am delighted to announce that our first app is now available for download in the app store here. It's a 'Tribesports in your Pocket' – offering key site functionality on the move. No longer will you have to wait to update - you can do it from anywhere!

          app activity feedProfile pic app

I've always believed that getting encouragement and advice from sports people similar to you is reassuring, its helpful, and it gives you that boost to go the extra mile and to get out there and try new things. 

And we're now nearly at one million encouragements and comments passed between users since launch – so it seems that others agree!

I really am constantly impressed with the support, motivation, inspiration and encouragement that gets exchanged in our community. With a social media tool like Tribesports, anyone and everyone can motivate and inspire others - and that's pretty powerful stuff. A big well done, and double encouragement to everyone that not only gets out there and plays sports and updates on their activities, but who also support other sportspeople through Tribesports. Thank you - you've got me out exercising on hundreds of occasions when I would normally have been lazy!

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Some of the key features of this "Tribesports in your pocket" app are:

  • Register for Tribesports or login to your profile
  • Update your activity and training data, including against challenges that you are taking
  • Share photos direct from your picture library
  • Comment on and encourage other’s updates and activity
  • Browse, take, update, and complete Challenges
  • Browse and join Tribes
  • Browse and follow users
  • Respond to guides, questions and discussions

I've been using the app for a fair bit of time as a tester, as have a dozen or so users (thank you again!), and I have to say, I am loving being able to browse and use the app on the go. I'm now probably spending equal time between the app and the website. Here is what some of our other beta testers said:

"Glad there's an app now, much easier to use on my phone..."

"Really like having it on the go, posting more without interrupting my outdoor time."

"A great app to go with the website."

"So glad Tribesports is now mobile!"

"I love this app, makes it so much easier to update training and find new challenges."

"Nice app, makes it easy to catch up with Tribesports on the move!"

"Tribesports while you are moving, training, climbing!" 

What's not in this app? GPS tracking, location based search, and support for other platforms of course. All of which are coming soon!

Some stats for you that we shared in our press release of the app going live - since launching in Summer 2011, over 80,000 Challenges have been taken on the site, with nearly 50,000 achievements recorded by users. That really is pretty impressive, but you know what that means? 30,000 challenges still need to be completed, so what are you waiting for, download the app, get out there and complete some challenges, and tell us how you get on!

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