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Posted by Cags R under Adventure Racing on 17 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

From Tough Mudders to Total Warriors, Hell Runners and Spartan Racers - we all clearly love a good adventure race!

What can you expect from the different adventure races out there? Like any organised event there is always a difference in cost and size so we've looked into the difference between the events for you (like a price comparison site of awesomeness!)

Comparisons between the big names:

Tough Mudder field of mud!

Tough Mudder - as probably the biggest name in adventure racing, Tough Mudder is relatively new to the scene. Races are between 10 and 12 miles long.  Tribesporters such as Nick B, James G, Diane F and George T have taken on the Tough Mudder and are more than happy to share their experiences of mud, water, fire, electricity and most importantly team work!

Depending on when you apply for your place your entry price can range from £50 - £120; they recommend getting in early with your entry which gives you time to train for the mud race as well as saving you money!

Spartan Race - with multiple distances from 3 mile Sprint to the 12 mile Beast, you have the options to change up your obstacle racing! Sometimes a video speaks a thousands words though so check them out:

The price for the London Spartan Race is £65 for individual, £60 for 4 or more and £55 for 10 or more. There are currently 50 locations for Spartan races and the organisers are continually looking for new places to host them - think your town has was it takes?

Tough Guy - you may not have heard of Tough Guy but this is like the daddy of the new craze of extreme obstacle courses! Priced between £69 and £79 depending on the full or short course and when you choose to attempt it, these guys laugh in the face of Health and Safety.

Total Warrior - this new company currently has 2 courses; 10km or 10 mile, with the intention of using the Lake District (UK) as a natural source of extreme obstacles!
Andy B, Dean S and Paul H took on the Challenge and absolutely loved it!

Things to remember when entering an Adventure race:

Discounts - you should always be able to get one, either by getting in early or taking a group along.

Training - these races are designed to be TOUGH! Be sure to train in all weathers and work on the various fitness reqirements they demand - body weight exercises are essential, as well as attempting to add on the extra weight you'll be dealing with once wet and muddy.

Team work - it's like boring office team building exercises on steroids!! Even if you have entered as an individual you will leave the race a member of one the fastest growing teams in sports!

Complete your First Adventure Race and share which one is next on your list!