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Tribesports: Recent Press Coverage


Posted by Steve R on 13 June 2011 at 9:01 AM

We've received some really great press in the last few days and weeks - here's a summary of where we've been featured, and links to the pieces - hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

TheNextWeb gave us our first coverage on launch day

"Overall, I think this is a very good site that should prove popular. It launches in open beta mode today, so there will still be some fine-tuning going on in the background."

TechCrunch covered us from a different angle

"The site’s registration and interface are both straightforward and easy to navigate, and offer the familiar status update and the ability to post images, video, and links to relevant content. Users can also connect with Facebook and sign in through a mobile-friendly webpage when they’re on the go. Mobile apps, the company said, are on the way."

"Tribesports has essentially built a social network for sports, but there are a few bells and whistles that keep its site from being a Facebook-port for sports. The startup uses a recommendation engine, based on data collected on user interests and community interactions, to serve content relevant to their interests and chosen sport. The platform also integrates game mechanics, a la Foursquare, providing leaderboards, badges, and opportunities to “encourage” (which is an actual button) friends and fellow sports fans in their offline pursuits. "

Abduzeedo, the legendary blog, featured us as a site of the week

TheNextWeb also featured us on a piece on Silicon Roundabout

"Events, creativity and enthusiasm aren’t all that a tech scene depends on. Necessarily, London’s developer scene has begun to attract talent and pick up speed. “The London Ruby community is thriving. The monthly meetup LRUG is really popular and a great place to discuss new technologies. Startups in London also tend to be very big into Agile Software Development and the idea of a ‘Lean Startup’. We take an all hands on deck approach, with the full team following agile methodologies in the day to day process and strategy of the business,” says Jenna Anians, the co-founder of the Silicon Roundabout based Tribesports, a brand new social platform that motivates and encourages its users to participate more in sports, allowing users to build a complete catalogue of their sports achievements." gave us coverage in China covered us in Germany, from the social commerce angle

Also some good coverage on startup lists....