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Tribesports Tries BOOM! Cycle


Posted by Cags R under Cycling on 29 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

BOOM! Cycle is a spin class with a difference; it's their mission to take spinning out of soul-less gyms and into a fun, pumping environment! Not only do they give you an awesome cardio workout but also teach you cycling technique to take out on the road.

The bikes are arranged in a stadium tier so everyone has a view of the instructor who has a view of the whole class.  Four of us went down to try it out - Rose, Will, Sean and Cags - with 3 of us being complete novices.

On arrival, the team at BOOM! Cycle were friendly, professional and absolutely stunning; if there's ever an incentive to start spinning, just looking around at the instructors and owners is all you need!

The class lasted one hour, with the first 10 minutes or so being taken up with our instructor assisting everyone with the right bike set up. When starting a spin class ensure that your bike is set up correctly for you:

  • Your saddle should be high enough so your knee has only a slight bend at the bottom of the stroke - when standing the saddle should be just below your hip
  • Set your saddle forwards or backwards so that your knee does not eclipse your toes at the top of the stroke
  • Handlebar setting are mostly personal preference (according to our instructor) but if they are too low you may find you have less oxygen going to your legs if the angle of your hip is too acute - make sure you feel comfortable going all the way down on the tri bars

Once we were set up and ready to go it was time to get used to the bikes; each rider controls the resistence of their own bike which means the class can be as hard or as easy as you like. We started by working on keeping a steady pace, changing the resistence but maintaining the RPM at a constant speed.

We then went on to some out of the saddle work, initially bouncing about to the beat of the music but then learning how to 'lock' out hips so that the same energy went into the pedals but  our torsos were held steady. This was one of the ways the class differed from a 'regular' spin class, our instructor would give us advice about how to take these techniques out onto the road for racing as well as how it was benefiting us in the class.

After the initial cardio warm-up, we had 4 minutes of lighter recovery cardio which the lights were turned off for - more relaxing than when the music was pumping but did have slightly claustrophobic effect on Rose! 

Next we worked on our hill technique; riding out of the saddle with our hips locked and using high resistance to really feel the burn for around 40 seconds at a time and then returning to the neutral out of the saddle riding position which allowed a bit of bounce. 

The last 10 minutes was spent doing interval sprints, increasing the resistance and just going as fast as we could for intervals of 20 seconds - this was when we were grateful for the complimentary towels provided, 4 alarmingly Sweaty Bettys!!

Here's the testimonials from the team:

"Going along to my first spinning class was so exciting after hearing so much about BOOM! Cycle and it certainly did not disappoint! Everything from the instructor, to the bike machines was boomtastic. I found the introduction video on their website very helpful too brilliantly demonstrating what I signed up for! Thank you very once again to Hilary and the team at BOOM! Cycle, the hour session was so much fun and I could not recommend a better social and sporty indoor activity to do after work. By the way the music was much better than your average club..... so what you waiting for!"

"I loved the class, it was exactly what I needed to prepare for the London to Paris challenge. The facilities were great, nice "booming" music and the coach was brilliant, he pushed a lot out of me during that hour. Since I am struggling to find a decent cycling route near central London to do hill/ endurance training, I am actually planning on going back to BOOM! for few more classes. I would highly recommend this to anyone!!!"

"My thoughts were that there was a lot of build up at the beginning so I was very tentative with turning up the resistance, it then got to the end of the class and I had only just reached maximum and still had lots of energy!! Next time I will be a lot tougher on myself and bring my cleats to make the most of the session. Overall, it is a fun way to exercise and makes you sweat which is always good!! We'll be back and on the front row next time!!"

"It was really cool to learn some actual cycling technique, I particularly enjoed learning proper out of the saddle hill technique. The instructor was great fun - he definitely had some Thighs Like Hoy going on and I liked how he explained that the skills we were learning here were totally transferable onto the road. Being in control of your own resistence meant you never felt you had to stop. The cycle ride home afterwards was a very strange experience but I would definitely go again!"

Next time you're heading over to Shoreditch then be sure to book into a class (as well as popping in to the Tribesports office!) - thanks a lot to Boom Cycle for having us along!