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Tribesports Tries Parkour


Posted by Cags R under Parkour on 20 January 2012 at 10:55 AM

This week saw the first of many new sports being tried out by the Tribesports team. 

Adrian, Arnaud and Cags went down to an indoor Parkour Generations session to find out more about the sport.

Video available here

"It was a great new Challenge, really enjoyable and good supplement for other training to keep you fluid" - Adrian

On arrival we were welcomed into possibly the friendliest and most varied sporting group of people we had ever seen - there was a huge variety in ability, age and fitness so none of us felt out of place!

We started the session with conventional warm up stretches followed by the highly unconventional monkey walks across the floor!

From that point on we left the relm of 'normal' exercise and were taught the basic essentials for beginning parkour - tic-tac, bar-walk, vaulting, precision jumps and climb-ups.

"Breathtaking, painful, motivating - definitely go again!" - Arnaud

Overall the experience was awesome - even if we are still a bit achey!

"I still hurt! But I want to go back and have another go (hopefully redeem myself) for sure!" - Cags

To take on some Challenges for yourself have a look at Try a Parkour Class, Tic-Tac over a 5 foot obstacle, Basic precision jump, Walk along an 8 foot pole, Do a Parkour climb-up and Precison jump from pole to pole over a 4 foot gap - once you've completed these we want to see some evidence too, get that camera out!

Become part of the parkour community on site by joining some parkour Tribes too: Parkour Generations Academy and Traceurs are great places to get started with and for the master of all thing parkour try following @danpkgen

Have you ever tried parkour? Give us your thoughts on giving it a go!