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Tribesports User of the Week: Addz S


Posted by Addz S under Parkour, Adventure Racing on 22 November 2012 at 12:00 AM

Addz S Tribesports profileThere's an awesome range of sporting Challenges on your profile - from yoga to parkour; what would you say is your favourite sport?

Parkour without a doubt, its a bit of a cliche but it has changed my life (bear with me). After giving up gymnastics aged 14 (ish) I did little to no physical activity for 5 years or so, and discovered alcohol and girls as most teenagers do. By this time I was getting drunk around 3 nights per week, and after stumbling in from the pub one night I turned on the T.V. for some entertainment while I finished my kebab. This was the first time I had seen parkour - a documentary called 'Jump London', men jumping between walls and vaulting rails, springing and leaping between rooftops. I sat there amazed at these young men leaping around like Spiderman, and knew I had to try this strange new sport! I googled it the following day and met up with a few traceurs (people who practice parkour) that weekend! 5 hours of training later I had learnt the basics from various people (small jumps, vaulting over low walls, the safety roll) and loved every minute of it. I came home tired, battered and bruised, and the next day my muscles hurt and ached like nothing I had ever experienced before. Have been going back for more ever since!


Which Challenge has been your toughest to complete and which have you been most proud of?

Toughest to complete was for sure Perform 5 handstand pushups without moving; I had been training these for a while before i joined tribesports, but it took me a while to nail them, they are now one of my favourite bodyweight exercises. 

I'm most proud of Run for an hour and a half without walking; I only took up running seriously 4 months ago, and back then I would have laughed at anyone who said I would be able to run for that long! Once I had showered after this run I had the biggest grin on my face, and damn I slept well that night!

As a gymnastics coach, what would you say are the most important exercises for people looking to improve their flexibility?

That really depends on which part of the body you want to improve flexibility in, or the apparatus you wish to improve on, as there are so many different joints/areas that flexibility is needed within gymnastics (p-bars/rings requires mainly shoulder flexibility, floor needs all-around flexibility etc). The most important thing is to stretch often, for example some of my gymnasts will sit in splits whilst watching tv instead of on the sofa! The stretches I use most with my group are probably Get Stretched - stretching circuit for hamstrings and lower backthese:

Any stretches for all 3 splits, also found a great lower body stretching routine from a blog post a while ago - Get Stretched.

Which gymnastics move do you love doing most?

Back somersaults, either from standing or as part of a tumble. Great fun and always guaranteed to impress people!

There are awesome photos of you performing a synchronized backflip - what's the story?

Haha if I remember correctly that all came about from a wet outdoor parkour training session I had a few years ago - long story short we ended up in a park bored so stood in a circle, with everyone doing a backflip on the count of 3. The game was that if you didnt land on your feet, or put your hands down you were 'out' and had to sit down. We kept going until only one person was left (yes I did win). The picture on my profile was a few of us re-creating this game in the gym.

Back tuck parkour image

If you could go free-running anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Australia - A few years ago I met a few traceurs from Aus whilst on a training holiday in France, having seen some of their videos in recent months they have some great urban architecture in the cities. Would love to train with the guys again as they were really encouraging and good to train with.

or Thailand - I've seen some amazing videos from there - everything from derelict buildings, to old ruins of temples. It also looks like a beautiful place from a tourists point of view.

What's your next big Challenge?

I just completed the 'Mens Health Survival of the Fittest' on Saturday 17th November, with my brother Paul S. It was first ever obstacle race so I was a bit nervous, but VERY excited! I only really started running about 4 months ago, but had trained quite hard to get ready for it, getting my 10k time down from about 1 hour 20 mins, to just under an hour. I was so happy to cross the finish line with my brother in 51.54 minute - NEW PB!!

Men's Health Survival of the Fittest

Also on the 24th November the parkour/dance performance group I am in (The Art of Urban Movement) are doing a matchday performance at Portman Road, (home of the mighty Ipswich Town FC) so that should be amazing fun! 

Once these 2 events are over I will decide what I want to achieve next year, but it will probably involve a Spartan Race of some sort!

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

There are a few:

Jo - my amazing partner of 4 years, thanks for the many many times you have patched me up, fetched me painkillers, given massages, and generally helped fix me when my body is broken but I still want to jump around! xx

Rick P  - fellow gymnast and challenge completing beast! Whenever I use the site I see something he has completed on my homepage.

Muddy J - chatting to this man, and reading his blog inspired me to sign up for my first obstacle race.

Paul T - genuine, nice guy who has overcome a lot, gives great advice, and has the body of a superhero!

What's your favourite quote?

I have two:

'Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor' - Mark Twain

'I refuse to tiptoe though life cautiously, only to arrive safely at death's door' 

- As a bit of an adrenaline junkie both are fairly relevant to me!