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Tribesports User of the Week: Allan J


Posted by Allan J under Orienteering, Running on 27 March 2014 at 12:00 AM

Allan JWhich Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

This is quite difficult to answer.  I guess my toughest challenge was doing 400m of walking lunges. Did it after warming up with a 5k or a 10k run – can’t remember which. Legs were jelly at end.

Challenge I’m most proud of would be probably the first Guys vs. Girls Challenge where the guys didn’t get smashed and actually won - First to 50 marathons!

How did the Oceania Orienteering Champs go?

I was never going to win so I went not to finish last.  Achieved that target but only just – did pull out of one race with injury.  Pretty certain the team I was in won our relay grade only because the actual winning team didn’t qualify so second was good enough for first! 

How did you first get involved in orienteering?

I went on a group outing to while-away a free afternoon.  Got hooked because it made me think as I was running rather than simply following a trail or running along a road.  Focuses your mind.


You clock some pretty impressive 5k and 10k running times - which is your favorite distance to run?

Of the two, I think the five is my favourite.  It’s just a flat out sprint where the 10k isn’t really long enough to satisfy the distance runner in me.

2013 was a pretty epic year for you, what was the highlight?

I think the highlight was going under 20 minutes in a 5k.  Probably my fastest time since I was a teenager!  The other highlight was actually getting of my butt and completing a Try-a-tri as a pre-cursor to the real thing which I hope to do in the next 12 months once my swimming has improved.

Lakes Race Series

How do you intend to top that this year?

I’ve two targets to top that this year.  One is to get my 10k time down to 40 minutes and run a half marathon in under 90 minutes – I don’t care if it is 89 min 59 sec!!

Which piece of sportswear would you most like to see join the Tribesports Performance Range?

Compression shorts.  I don’t really like running in tights so aren’t really an option and in my serious long runs I prefer to run in compression shorts as opposed to normal shorts.

Allan's FeetWhere in the world would you most like to complete a Challenge?

Somewhere in Europe or British Isles would be my dream.  Probably end up being Australia because it’s my closest neighbour and is relatively cheap to get there.

Which Tribesports user makes your day? 

Which ones to choose, so many! In no particular order they’d be Jane H – always super encouraging.

Natalie K – we’ve had some great conversations. 

Te Aroha C – my team-mate in the Wanna race? challenge. 

Nocturnal R – for always being there, making encouraging comments.

Candida B – always encouraging, we even met very briefly at the Auckland Marathon last year, as I ran past doing my half while Candida was busy completing another marathon.

What's your favorite quote?

If you love someone, set them free.  If they come back they’re yours.  If they don’t, they never were.