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Tribesports User of the Week: Amanda C


Posted by Amanda C under Fitness & Training on 30 January 2014 at 12:00 AM

Which Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

Eat your vegetables

The toughest Challenge I have had thus far was not a traditional solo "Challenge", but more of a group effort. All the girls I am close with here on Tribesports all planned to do a 30 minute burpee session. As you may have guessed, that is where you do burpees for 30 minutes straight. When I first did this I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But all I was thinking at the time was that burpees were my favorite exercise and that I was ready to dig deep and take this head on. By 15 minutes I didn't think I was going to make it, but after a short breather half-way through I got back up and sailed on through. I ended up doing 294 burpees (a new personal best)! Needless to say, I felt wonderful!

 There are a few proudest moments I have had with different Challenges, making it hard to pick just one. The first time I completed walking a 10k in a day was a wonderful accomplishment. My boyfriend and I did this together, walking in the big circle of our apartment complex. In the end we ended up doing about 26-30 laps around without stopping.

Another proud moment I had was when I first completed a 5 minute wall squat. I had just gotten off work and was going to be heading to the gym, but before I left I wanted to do my wall squat for the day. I did a personal best of 5 minutes after being on my feet all night at work!

It was a wonderful feeling that had me sailing away through my gym session. Months later I then completed a 5:30 minute wall squat and as of right now that is my highest time, but I'm determined to beat that time throughout the year.

You've set yourself some pretty big resolutions this year, which one do you think will be the toughest?

The toughest resolution I set for myself this year would definitely be to quit smoking. It is a very big Challenge for me, as it is for any smoker. One day I would love to do some long distance running and for this year I’ve set a goal for myself  to run and complete a half marathon when my birthday comes in September. I first plan on experiencing a 5k run then a 10k and I am going to train myself as much as I can, hoping accomplish these goals. More than anything my one big Challenge is to one day complete a full marathon, but as of right now that is a dream and goal that will take some time before accomplishing.

Also, I am planning on attending my first Tough Mudder in August of this year. They look incredibly fun and challenging, but it’s a Challenge I am up for it and I even have my boyfriend on my side as well to participate with me.

Thanks for backing us on Kickstarter! How's your Tribesports Performance Wear keeping up with your training?

Tribesports Tech Tee at the gymWhen I first saw the Tribesports Kickstarter campaign, I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of it. I had felt that Tribesports had done so much for me and has changed my life in so many wonderful ways that I was thrilled  to be able to support it , just as I felt they had done for me. I absolutely love my Performance Tech Tee; the fabric of it is soft and silky and being that this was my first of any kind of real sportswear outfits, I was very pleased. I also enjoy my Tribesports towel and take it with me to the gym every day. I tend to hang it over the treadmill or cycling machine so I do not pay attention to the numbers, or speeds while I am exercising, making sure the words Tribesports are visible for my eyes and everyone else’s eyes to see. Surprisingly, I've had few people ask me what Tribesports is and I love it because I have told many people here that I just enjoy talking about it to anyone who wants to listen.

 You clearly love your body weight training sessions, which is your favorite exercise?

Anyone who knows me knows the answer to question. My favorite body weight exercise would have to be the BURPEE. Most people think I am crazy for this reason, but honestly burpees to me are like squats or push-ups are to other people. I feel you get a total body workout with burpees: they get my heart pumping and sweat pouring. When you’re having a crumby day and are debating on doing anything at all, it’s a great exercise to get your adrenaline running and heart-pumping. It is such a wonderful feeling. This is a feeling I hope to share with @vylisa, as we have some insane burpee Challenges planned in the near future, but I know we will crush them since we have each other to keep us motivated.

210 burpeesSpeaking of insane, @matteor and @pamela71 are a constant inspiration for me, giving me the extra motivation to push through with any burpee Challenges that come across my way. They are just such amazing team players.

Which nutrition Challenge has improved your eating habits?

I would definitely have to say that any of the water Challenges I have started and completed have been the best nutrition Challenges for me. Before Tribesports I was one of those people who drank too much soda and not enough water. I'll be honest, I have yet to "kick" my soda habit completely, but believe me if this was a year and a half ago I wouldn’t have believed the changes I could make. Drinking more water has really changed me for the better and I no longer hate the taste. I feel so cleansed after drinking a healthy amount of water throughout my day.

As for a Food Challenge, right now I am doing a “no fast food and no fried foods” Challenge. For me will be a very big accomplishment because of my everyday life and the bad habits I’ve accumulated throughout the years. People who know me or have read my bio will see that I work an evening job that extends to the early morning. It is a good laugh when people see that I am eating chicken, spaghetti or meat loaf at 10 am when it would be a "normal" person's breakfast; but that is my dinner time, which puts my breakfast time at around 9 pm at night. Obviously, this took some getting used to, but I am very hopeful that as I continue maintaining a healthy life and doing the best I can that I will get the maximum benefit from these Challenges.

Where in the world would you most like to complete a Challenge?

I would love to do any kind of long-distance running Challenge in Italy one day. I have always wanted to travel to Italy no matter what the reason, but to go there and complete a marathon or other event would be a dream come true!

Which Tribesports users make your day?

Amanda C in Tribesports Tech TeeThis is the hardest question of them all. Just as all user-of-the-weeks in the past have said…I want to apologize in advance to anyone I’ve missed but this is super tough since I can only pick a few.

First and for most I have to shout out to my very good friend @amber126 . We have become such wonderful friends and she inspires me and helps me each and every day. With all the things she accomplishes, all the hard work and dedication she puts in, it just makes me want to be a better person. Without Tribesports I would have never met her; she is truly a best friend for life. Others who do their thing day in and day out, like the ever-inspiring Queen of Tribesports herself @euniceyeo. She inspires me beyond belief. Everything she does and all things she has accomplished is an amazing thing. She truly puts in 110% so thank you dear Eunice for always believing in me and being such a wonderful motivator. I have a few other people that just do such wonderful inspiring things such as my burpee partner @vylisa. She is such a great friend who's always been there for me, I’m very grateful to have met her. She is up for any kind of Challenge, day or night, and is such a great friend. I have to shout out to my other Tribesports friends who are such wonderful people. These two ladies inspire me so much and are such tough, strong women: @terril and @mamatthejjb. You two ladies are an amazing example of what I strive to be one day. We honestly need more of you awesome women out in the world showing everyone the true meaning of life, accomplishments, dreams and goals. Thank you all for being such a wonderful inspiration to me and becoming my second family here on this wonderful site.

What's your favorite quote?

"Hard Work! Dedication!" -  Dolvett Quince

"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven". - John Milton.