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Tribesports User of the Week: Amy I


Posted by Amy I under Ultrarunning, Running on 6 February 2014 at 12:00 AM

Amy Outdoors!Which Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

I think sit ups are the worst exercise ever, right up there with burpees. So the challenge was 100 sit ups in under 2:30 was tough but after working on core strength with my sit ups after a couple of weeks, I was able to complete it.

It’s awesome to see you’re tackling your first ultra this year. How is the training going?

Training is going well. I am learning a lot from experienced trail runners and people that have done ultras. Some kind of scary things like what you go through mentally during ultras. I have found one local woman that is actually doing the same ultra and it is her first as well. I am always learning and will continue to learn as my journey continues

Your collection of race medals is really impressive, which race would you sign up to run again?

Running medal collectionI would have to say the Oregon Marathon. It was on a beautiful paved trail and the medal was the size of a dessert plate! However, the weather was horrible, heavy rains and high winds. I would like to do it again under better weather conditions..

Do you think mud runs gave you the bug for going off road?

I don’t do too many mud runs, except for fun. I think the distance of 50k, 50 miles, 100k and 100 miles races are mostly done on trails. The endurance to complete ultras is what has drawn me to off road. I am not the fastest but I have the endurance to run long. My goal is to complete this 50k (Gorge Waterfall 50k - March 29th) then in the future do a 50 miler, 100k and then 100 miler - maybe over the next couple of years.

How are you finding the transitions from road running to trail running?

Transitioning from road to trail was quite an eye opener for me. Trails are a lot harder than road running; the hills on trails are much harder than hills on road.

Trail RunningTrail hills are very steep sometimes. You expend quite a bit more energy on trails than roads and you cannot just zone out on trails. You have to constantly look down and ahead to make sure your footing is good. The nutrition was a big learning experience for me. My first trail run I actually bonked only doing 10 miles. I didn’t realize how much nutrition played a part in trail running. You are always learning something new. I do love the trails much better than the road. My knees actually love down hills on trails. The only issue is that you cannot do trails alone, always do them with someone. That was hard for me as I usually always ran on the road alone.

Thinking about leaving the road for some trail adventures? The Take to the Trails Challenge is the perfect place to start!

Which piece of Tribesports performance wear is on your wish list?

There are two pieces that are on my wish list the Women’s performance half-zip top and the Women’s performance capris.

Your color run photo’s great - do you keep active with your family a lot?

It is just me and my son so I try to get my son on runs as much as possible. He is more into soccer but running a big part of soccer. He does well short distances so we do 5ks together. When he gets older I hope to do a half marathon with him. This year, he is old enough to do the Warrior Dash with me. He is very excited, especially to jump over fire.

Amy Outdoors and her son

Which Tribesports users make your day?

This, as everyone knows, is a very tough one to answer as there are so many awesome and inspiring Tribesports users. I would have to say the main ones are John G, Vaunette C, Gemma S, Eddie W and Peter M but there are many, many more TS Legends that make my day…you know who you are! I have become close friends with a lot of them even if we are all over the globe.

What’s your favorite quote?

I have a lot of quotes on my board to keep me motivated. So it is hard to pick just one. But here is one of my favorites: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

I also love the definition of “en-dur-ance: the power to withstand pain or hardships; the ability or strength to continue despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions.”