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Tribesports User of the Week: Angelica B


Posted by Angelica B on 26 April 2012 at 8:00 AM

Angelica B you are User of the Week!

I’ve never been acknowledged for anything really, much less my efforts to improve my health and fitness, so to me this is a wonderful honour and I’m smiling all over!!! Thank you Tribesports and all the inspiring members of the community! You guys are all awesome =)

Firstly, what was your motivation for joining Tribesports and what do you love about it?

I saw the link for Tribesports on Facebook and clicked on it out of curiosity. When I saw that it was an online community for people interested in sports and fitness, I joined instantly. Within the first hour, I was hooked! This was exactly the atmosphere I wanted to surround myself in, a supportive community that not only cheered each other along, but also inspired me to challenge myself in a way that was not only physically rewarding, it’s emotionally and socially rewarding as well. It’s a win-win!

Which Challenge have you been most proud of and which was your toughest Challenge to date?

Aside from losing weight and getting stronger, I’d really have to say that the “No Excuses” Challenge is the one I’m most proud of. I believe, like many of us, that I was all too often stuck in the “I could, but…” state of mind. That is something that I won’t allow myself to do anymore. Yes, it’s easier to make excuses, but to truly live and grow, you have to get out of your head and DO! No excuses!!!

The toughest challenge to date, was the 5 Minute Wall Squat! I had never even done a 30 second wall squat, but I had it in my head that I was going to DO IT and put my timer on and went for it. My legs were shaking and I thought, “What the hell am I thinking!” But I stuck in there and next thing you know, my timer was done. It felt like a personal victory! The next few days my legs were screaming at me, but I felt that it did a world of good for my legs and my hind quarters =)

You created the Clean Eating Tribe which encourages people to take out the processed food from their diet – replacing it with fresh ingredients, made from scratch. What’s your favourite ‘clean’ meal?

Clean Eating has been a Godsend to me. It has truly made eating healthy and losing weight rather effortless. My favourite meal of the day is always breakfast =) No matter what time of day I wake up, it’s breakfast time!  I can make ahead of time my favourite meal, which is Baked Eggs, with Fresh Mushrooms and Spinach. I posted some pics and how I make it on our Clean Eating Tribe’s page. It’s really good for you and NOT a calorie bomb either. 

Lose a Stone in Weight is one of your achievements listed on Tribesports, what would be your advice to others looking to lose weight in a sustainable way?

Since I started my transformation process on the 18th of January 2012, I’ve lost just a tad over 20kg. Normally I jump in head-first to everything I do, but I knew that this time around I needed to take it slower. When it comes to exercise, I often train too hard and end up re-injuring myself. This time, I made sure that I eased my way into it. 

I first started on my nutrition and made sure that the calories I took in were in proportion to what I burned in a day. I wasn’t looking for a quick fix or a miracle diet pill. I knew that was never the smart way to lose weight or keep it off. That’s when I came across Eating Clean. This wasn’t a diet, but a lifestyle that would benefit my health and help me reach my goals. Once I started, the weight started to melt off. So I started doing light exercise at home like Pilates and Hula Hooping. The more weight that started to drop off, the more I felt like exercising and being more active.

Then I found TribeSports and it’s been instrumental in keeping me motivated. Not only the challenges and Tribes, but the members who take the time to click on ENCOURAGE or write a little comment, I find that all very motivational. It’s important to have that type of support! It keeps me wanting to achieve and go after more than I thought I ever would again.

In your Bio you say you’re new to running; what makes you #KeepRunning

I can honestly say that my boyfriend has given me so much inspiration. He is a retired US Army Airborne Ranger. He’s a survivor of thyroid cancer and twice has overcome brain cancer. His strength and love has inspired me to attack everything with a “can do” attitude. So when I’m out on a run and feel like I can’t go further, I think of him and it drives me to push myself further than I ever had before. I wear his dog tags around my neck as constant inspiration and find it so comforting. I feel that with his love, I can conquer anything and will never give up. That’s what keeps me running.

Pilates or yoga? Which one’s your favourite? 

Without a doubt, Pilates. I’ve been a fan since I first took a reformer class at a Pilates Studio in Denver, CO back in 1997. I had read about it and went for a one-on-one lesson and it was brilliant! It felt great and it didn’t feel like I was killing myself, like I would in an aerobics class. But the next day, my body was sore ALL OVER! I could feel muscles that I had never worked before and it felt great. Now, I do mat work at home and find that it’s a great balance between cardio and strength training.

The 3 minute hula-hoop Challenge looks fun – any chance of a picture?!

Hahaha! I have a friend from MyFitnessPal who wants to have a bet where the loser has to post a hula hooping video on YouTube. We haven’t solidified the bet just yet, but I’ll be damned if I end up losing that one!  But if it happens, I’ll shamefully post the link on TribeSports to my utter humiliation =) 

Of all the items in your wish-list, what’s going to be your next sporting purchase?

Hmmm… Good question! I would eventually like to either get a Pilates Reformer or a Yoga Swing (those just look like FUN)! But I’m also interested in the Vipr or a sandbag.

Which Tribesports users make your day and keep you motivated?

You know, I honestly couldn’t pick one or even a few. People keep surprising me with their support in this community and I’m grateful for every single one of them. Getting tips from pros to a virtual pat on the back from beginners just like me, makes my heart smile =)

What’s your favourite motivational quote?

It’s a simple one: Just Do It!

I was telling my son a few months ago about how I wanted to be more active again and really commit to losing weight and becoming healthier than I ever had before and he said to me, “Mom, don’t say it, Just Do It.” And it’s been my mantra ever since.