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Tribesports User of the Week: Archie H


Posted by Archie H under Running on 23 October 2013 at 11:00 PM

Archie HWhat's been your toughest Tribesports Challenge and which has been your favorite?  

My toughest challenge was the 2 minute plank:  Ohh the burn! but I love them now. My favorite challenge was the 5 person relay and several after that.  Eddie Willets formed the one I joined in, and gave me creative ideas on the next one I created. 

Congratulations on completing your first marathon last week! How did you do?  

I did well.  I ran a 4:41.  I wanted a little quicker, but I'm already setting goals on how to pick up speed, and intensify my training for another marathon.  It was a life changing experience.  One of my friends from the Lansing area was able to go as well, and complete the marathon. I was so proud of her. 

Which training Challenges would you recommend to other first time marathoners?

I like all the crunches Challenges:  those work your core.  Also running Challenges:  the ones for each day, also enter and compete in a 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, and marathon. I also recommend cycling:  4 mile challenge, 5 mile 10 mile, 15 mile , etc.  I also love all the Road work ahead challenges.  I did the 14 mile, 16 mile, 18 mile, etc. 

Now you've hit that massive milestone, what's next on the Challenge horizon for you?

I want to run more marathons and half marathons.  They have the " Bayshore Marathon" in Traverse City, Michigan.  I'd also love to do the Dublin Marathon or London marathon. I'd like to do a triathlon. I love to cycle and swim as well. 

Run your first marathon

You're always a big player in the team Challenges, which has been your favorite to date? 

The 5 person relay was a blast. We did another one shortly after that. Elves vs. Reindeer was really good too last year. 

Where in the world would you most like to complete a Challenge?

Australia would be great, or Hawaii.  Australia has the Melbourne marathon, and Hawaii also has marathons, as well as the Ironman Triathlon. 

What's the story behind your Captain America photo?  

Captain America photo

Fellow Triber Tycho H photoshopped me in this photo: neat huh?  It got a lot of laughs. Captain America is my alter ego. 

It's awesome to see how active your family is - are you a secret soccer-mom?!

Madi running 5kI am.  My daughter Madi plays club soccer, and my son plays American football.  I love to travel to games and tournaments.  Madi plays goalie and forward.  It's exciting.  Madi, son Bailey, and wife Lori all like to run 5k's with me. 

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

The list is long, so I will break it down to those who I correspond closely with: 

Some of my relay buddies have been Casey Kettman, Don Johnson, Michelle Novella, Katie O'toole, and Fay Kelly.  They are very encouraging.  

Inspiring long distance runners have been John Gogets, Claire Lloyd, Jane H, William B, Amy Iverson, Vaunette Coache, and Eddie Willets.  A good friend and encourager has been Peter Merante.  I have a great group of Tribers, athletes, and running fanatics.  Thank you all. 

What's your favorite quote?

" Pain is weakness leaving the body"