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Tribesports User of the Week: Baldy John


Posted by Baldy John - under Cycling, Running, Fitness & Training on 7 March 2013 at 12:00 AM

Baldy John ProfileCongratulations for becoming our latest User of the Week! What's been your proudest Tribesports achievement?

Well obviously this achievement….User of the Week….wow….thanks a million. Apart from that it has to be passing the 50k running in a month as its being my goal since I’ve tried to get back running. The great thing is I surpassed it and finished the 60k in a month.   

What do you consider your toughest type of exercise and which Challenge is helping you tackle it?

For me it has to be running and bodyweight exercises. Currently the challenges I’m enjoying are the “run this “?” k in a “?” month. Its great finishing each one and then heading for the next. My goal for March is to hit the 70k or 80k mark.

Excellent progress on your running - you've already topped 2012's running kilometres in only 2 months! What's your big running goal for the year?

Baldy John motivationalThank you it’s great to have hit that achievement, as I’m at the early stages of returning to running and I don’t exactly love it but I persevere. When I was younger I used to be a good runner but now I have issues with my knees and foot. Thankfully I changed physios in November last and along with new exercise he adviced me to change my runners (sneakers for my US friends) and these have worked a treat. With this new momentum my next goal is to run a 10k in April and then my ultimate goal, to RUN, not walk the Dublin City Marathon in October which I did 25 years ago. It won’t be to beat my previous time; it’s simply about finishing it running no matter what my speed.

Having had a look through your guides, you have a lot of love for the burpee - how many do you think you can do in a minute?

Ironically it’s the opposite I absolutely hate them. However they are a brilliant all round bodyweight exercise and an exercise that I’m constantly trying to make part of my routine. So for me it’s not about how many I can do in a minute, it’s about just doing them.

Burpee pull ups - tell us more!

It’s your standard burpee BUT on the jump part at the finish, you jump up to a pull up bar and perform a pull up and back down into your burpee and repeat. It’s a hard exercise and not for everyone but with time and practice anyone can do it. Someday I’ll get to do this myself and its one of my open challenges.

Baldy John's gym

Take the Burpee Pull Up Challenge now!

Your home gym is a pretty impressive array of kit - which piece of equipment would you recommend most for someone starting their own home gym?

My home gym or wardrobe (as some pieces of equipement were for years) has being a work in progress, like myself. I've built it up over time and I try to buy something for it each year. It would be hard to recommend one piece as it depends on your goal, but whatever that goal is pick something that would benefit it and get that. Before you know it by adding slowly you'll have your own gym. One last piece of advice is never get rid of your equipment even if you stop training as I gurantee you'll eventually return to it and no point having to purchase more equipment again.

With the weather warming up, what big Challenges are you taking on your bike?

I can’t wait for the change in weather as my cycling has slipped but I’m hoping to aim for a 250k cycle in 1 day in the summer. My best to date (and that was when I was fit) is 221k…..roll on the summer.

Baldy John cycling

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

It’s the question everyone dreads and I must honestly say I get great support and encouragement here. Yes like anyone I do have a close group of tribers' that I’m close with and some that I have a great laugh and a great bit of craic with……and they know who they are without me mentioning them.  The great thing about TS is you have all sorts who make your day, some just make your smile, other laugh and others just that right word at the right time, so that you all my TS friends and my special ones.

What's your favourite quote?

My own favourite quote has to be “Keep Smiling : - )” along with two other quotes which are “Never Give Up!” and “There is no such thing as failure, you only succeed in finding out what doesn't work.”