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Tribesports User of the Week: Barbara L


Posted by Barbara L on 6 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

Barbara L you are User of the Week!

Can't tell you HOW much I've enjoyed my time on Tribesports so far. I underwent pretty horrendous foot reconstruction surgery (mid-March)--among several contributing factors, I blew out my toe joints from years of dancing en pointe (ballet) while marathoning like mad. Hobbled into bootcamp a week later and finally took my coach up on his advice to join TS to stay motivated. Best advice I ever took!!

Moving into 200 hours of yoga instructor training from dawn to dusk, 6 days a week through June so I won't be posting or following nearly as much as I've been able to manage during my rehabilitation phase. No worries--I'm getting to know SO many fellow TS'ers that I feel like I have extended family/training mates all over the globe now. Love it!!

What has been your favourite Challenge so far, which has been the toughest and which are you most proud of?

Connected at a heart level with so many of you on the Down Memory Lane Challenge - that really made me realize the potential for meaningful interaction with you warriors/amazons in this amazing Tribe! Joined TS on May Day (an indication of desperation while recovering from foot reconstruction surgery, perhaps?) - registering was the toughest step - wasn’t sure one more social network would be worth my while. Just how WRONG can one woman be?? Specific TS Challenge Bugbear: Still can’t Stand on one foot with eyes closed for 1 minute. Secret strategy: Starch shorts and try again… And am most proud of this morning’s Slow Challenge after facing my post-op dragon and testing my right foot up and down a 12% grade slope on Little Mountain. Felt GREAT and the screws didn’t fall out!

You’ve contributed to Tribesports in so many ways, possibly your biggest contribution has been within Tribe discussions – which is your favourite Tribe?

My homeys - Fluid Fitness Fanatics! Coach Doug Pickard and all my team-mates are my inspiration, heroes, beloved friends, and toughest challengers. Aside from incredible family, can’t possibly imagine better comrades to be with in any situation, at any time. Love them all so dearly. Besides, they occasionally laugh at my jokes!

We love that you review your equipment on site; which 5 pieces of kit could you not live without?

Available to the general public: bike helmet that costs more than my bike, extra-thick yoga mat, foam roller, and fluorescent yellow reflective water-resistant running/cycling jacket - guaranteed to be logging-truck, cougar, bear, deer, and semi-conscious vehicle operator-proof!

Just for me: my size (don’t even THINK about asking) in Polartek lucky marathon undies…

Where is your favourite place to cycle in Canada and which destination have you always wanted to cycle in?

Both sides of the Canadian Rockies, along the railway trails overlooking Okanagan Lake where I grew up in BC, and just about anywhere on Vancouver Island where I am lucky enough to live right now! I’d love to ride on every continent, explore NZ, and do some serious tasting-by-bike through wine country in France. I grew up in a wine-making family and spend a lot of time in S. France and Paris, on and off a canal boat.

Zumba is growing ever more popular; what do you love about it?

Gotta dance! Born to dance - began serious training in classical ballet shortly after toilet training then was en pointe from age 9 through college (hence the need for major foot reconstruction). Love to push myself to the max to feel vibrantly alive and connected to primal rhythms of nature through music, breathing, movement, and laughter - cannot get enough!! Even managed last 125 reps of 5,000 Pushups in May Challenge during band breaks at recent community dance—proving once and for all that women in heels can do just about anything they want in public, even horizontally ;)

There’s such a variety of yoga Challenges in your Achievements, do you find you have a favourite practice or enjoy chopping and changing?

Love all the forms of yoga I’ve met so far at any temperature except below-zero (Polar Bear Yoga didn’t catch on for a good reason!) - Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Power, and specific yoga for runners workshops are my favourites - but when I’m thrashed, Restorative Yoga is the dessert of the yoga buffet ;) For 24 days this month, I’ll be taking 200 hours of instructor’s certification in yoga and meditation - seemed like a great idea for improving my right foot function and my mind while I’m upgrading my practice!

Be honest now: when you did the plank push up on 2 swiss balls, how many times did you fall off?

Our boot camp coach has diligently trained us to sit/lie/kneel/stand and workout in wild and wonderful ways on multiple Swiss balls—using two for plank push ups is second nature by now…okay…I still fell off about 24 times, if you must know!

Which Tribesports users make your day?

Honest answer? Too many to name—wouldn’t want to leave any of you out. You all know who you are by now…but more of you are identifying yourselves every day so there will be no end of good feelings!

What’s your favourite motivational quote?

Three-way tie:

1. Follow Your Bliss (thanks, Joseph Campbell)

2. Just Keep It Movin’ (no idea who originated this but it’s motivated me for many years)

3. If Not NOW…WHEN? (helpful Canadian translation:  Long Time Dead, Eh?!)