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Tribesports User of the Week: Ben R


Posted by Ben R under Cycling, Fitness & Training, Climbing on 5 September 2012 at 11:00 PM

Ben R you are User of the Week! You've been a key player in the team Challenges on Tribesports, so much energy!

 Which would you say has been your hardest Challenge and which your most rewarding?

Well if I take all the challenges, the hardest must have been the Push ups ladder – when I started with it I decided to challenge myself but doing a hundred was insane and I'm still not sure that my form was perfect till the end. My most rewarding challenge ... that’s really difficult since every challenge I take, I take with a reason and when I complete it, it's very rewarding for me but if I was forced to chose, probably the first Girls vs. Boys Cycle challenges, that was completely mental and I absolutely LOVED it ...well after all the nerve wrecking moments ;p

You've posted a lot of photos of 'bikes-to-be' - which one is first on your wish list?

Can we add this as a new challenge lol! I will have to go with Mongoose Boot’r – I enjoy being a roadie but lately I'm really interested in MTB and downhill biking and that’s one stunning bike!

Which Challenge would you most like to take on this year? Have you signed up to anything big?

Well my goal was to complete my first triathlon in four years this year. I had to stop about 4 years ago, I was super fit but unfortunately I did not listen to good advice and ended up with a sports injury due to poor nutrition, basically had way too little body fat and could not do endurance anymore as the muscles in my chest had nothing else to burn but itself after a few minutes of cycling or running.
In the last few years I managed to go from one extreme to another by gaining about 25 kg’s of fat and losing quite a bit of muscle mass. However after completing my first duathlon the other day I realized that it might not be as big a challenge as I thought so, I would say completing the 50 (without any support) hand stand push-up challenge is my really big goal for this year.

Where is your favourite place to work out?

Its got to be the road =) – what I love about it the most, no matter how tired you think you are, the only way back .... turning around and do it all over again!

Love your bouldering pics, how did you first get into climbing?

@roberts invited me and since then I’ve gone a few times. I also enjoy it and I wish you could see him climb with a fractured foot!! Yup that’s right, he got irritated sitting at home and decided that he will climb by only using his arms ... that was just insane! I'm pretty jealous of the event he's attending this weekend - it looks amazing!

I have to say that climbing is completely new to me and although I would love do it more at the moment my focus is on getting super fit and way stronger in my upper body!

Which Tribesports users make your day?

@sonu – my first “active” follower and always checking in to see how’s things, and always funny profile pictures

@lisamac – without any doubt =) always busy with some burpees got to love her!

@adrian – always ready to give advice and always honest when he does, also always helpful with matters on the site

@neilb1 – one of the only people I know that uses the ............. more than I do, always friendly and always busy motivating and inspiring others

@shantanoo – always trying to kill me with some push up challenge ;p

@jeanninec – especially when she shows me both shoulders ;p – think I might actually be scared of her in real life though =)

@cags - really the friendly face of the TS team =)

@barbaral – So inspiring and won't let anything keep her from her goals

@hanahuna – the gas Irish girl =)

Who's your inspiration for staying fit?

There is an old movie Dinner with Friends and for a few reasons it must be one of my favorite movies but the one thing that stands out in it for me is Dennis Quaid and the way he was built in the movie ...that’s the way I want to be when I get old one day still looking fit and healthy and also many of the users on Tribesports as well, they are at an age where the world will consider one as “done” and yet they achieve amazing things it is all really just so inspiring!

There are loads of great motivational pictures in your photos, what is your favourite quote?

I’m actually not sure if you will find this one in all those;

“If you keep on doing what you have been doing, you will keep on getting what you have been getting.”