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Tribesports User of the Week: Bethan M


Posted by Cags R on 9 February 2012 at 12:00 PM

 Bethan M! You are our User of the Week!

Now other than attempting (due to misreading a Challenge) a Half Hour Plank – which may actually qualify you to be hired as a human table – what’s on the horizon for you Challenge-wise?

Thanks! If only I could do plank for that long! I am still struggling to do 3mins!! Currently I am working on improving my core strength and am trying to get my Body Fat Below 15%, it was 16.9% when I got it measured in December. I am hoping that the nutrition challenges will help me with this such as the Food Diary and No Cake for a Month.

 In terms of training I am due to do my first half ironman in May in Mallorca, and am hoping to break four hours  in the Rotterdam Marathon in April. A few half marathons such as Bath Half and Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon are also on the cards. Plus watch out Steve as next Saturday I am attempting the Beat the CEO’s Half Marathon time at the Race Your Pace Half Marathon at Dorney Lakes.

If your life were a movie, which sporting moment would be top of the blooper reel?

It must have been pretty funny to watch me when I lost my bike at the Plymouth Triathlon last year, it was a really rough swim and I couldn’t think straight, the worst part was my parents were watching and now have some delightful photos of me looking hopelessly around at all the bikes for a blue one!

When doing a triathlon where do your loyalties lie, are you a water baby or a land mammal? What animal best describes you?

I’m lucky that swimming comes fairly naturally to me as I have always been into watersports, when I lived in Devon I used to surf and kitesurf. I’d like to say I resemble a dolphin when swimming but I’m pretty sure my club mates would be quick to tell you that I am not that graceful in the water!

Which Challenge are you most proud of and which was the hardest you’ve completed?

I am probably most proud of the Standard Distance Triathlon in under 2 hrs 45. I entered Bala thinking it was ‘quite flat’ after having such a hard time at the Plymouth Tri. The conditions were pretty hard again and it took all my effort to stay focused on the bike but it was really great to finish in that time, my goal had been just to get below 3 hrs.

The hardest one has got to be No Chocolate For a Month, came so close to failing so many times. 

Which Tribesports User makes your day?

Ellie W is my flat mate and a massive source of inspiration to me. She set herself a huge target of running a mile in a race for each service person killed in Afghanistan since the start of Op Telic in 2001. As we are both military Student Nurses this is obviously something which is close to both of our hearts.  Suffering a stress fracture late last year didn’t stop her completing a 50 mile ultra in January. She has already raised over a thousand pounds and I am so proud of her!

Ellie is raising money for SSAFA who give support to ex service men and women - 

Also I must mention Nikos G as he has also been a great source of encouragement, he always describes his runs so beautifully, reminding me why I love running on the occasions when I don’t!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate! I have such a sweet tooth and can never keep any in the house as I have no willpower at all. Luckily another of my guilty pleasures comes in the form of a really fit spinning instructor who keeps me coming back every week and working hard. A really nice bit of gymspiration!

We’re trying new sports each month, which sport have you always wanted to give a go?

A couple of my friends have just come back from a week of skeleton bobsleighing in Austria and that just sounded amazing, bruises and grazes aside. 

As a cyclist what is your biggest pet peeve?

I’m not sure I’d call myself a cyclist just yet, there must be a minimum average speed to qualify for that!

It really annoys me when I see cyclists who fail to obey traffic rules such as red lights, one way streets and cycling on the pavements. In my opinion these people are stopping cycling from being taken seriously and are putting themselves in unnecessary danger.

Pepsi or Coke?

Diet coke, I have a borderline addiction to it.

What’s your favourite sports read?

I remember reading the First Four Minutes by Sir Roger Bannister when I first started running it is a truly incredible story, all about getting out what you put in.

What’s your sporting motto/catchphrase?

I like the Adidas slogan ‘Impossible is Nothing’ and also Chrissie Wellington’s quote ‘Your limits may not be where you think they are.’