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Tribesports User of the Week: Brad N


Posted by Brad N under Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Swimming on 9 April 2014 at 11:00 PM

Brad NWhich Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

I think last years breaking 2 hours for the half marathon would rank up there for me and it was probably the time that I have got the most out of Tribesports as well. The site as a whole and individual members were all a part of the PB setting process! Making that public declaration on the challenge and then getting support, advice and general positive vibes from members certainly pushed me through what had become a real mental barrier!

I had previously run 6 or 7 halves and the closest I had been was about 2 hours 13 I think, so to whip 15 minutes off that and scrape in there was very satisfying! In those last couple of kilometres when I was running on the edge of making the time, the thought of being able to tick off the challenge and validate the support people had given me drove me that little bit faster and harder when it would have been so easy just to ease off! 

How did your first open water swim event go?

I entered this on a bit of a whim; I kept seeing the posters and billboards around town and took that as a sign! I used to swim competitively when I was young and also did surf life saving so open water swimming was not a total leap of faith, however I had not swam an event in quite a number of years so that part was slightly nerve wracking! 

The event itself was great fun, good weather, excellent set up, a really inclusive group of fellow competitors and the best race pack for any type of event I have had in years! I kept my ego in check and restricted myself to the 1k distance (a good decision), though I am interested in exploring some other options next summer! 

With over 1000 cycling kilometers already clocked in 2014, what distance are you aiming to hit this year?

This total was much helped by taking the “500k in a month” challenge! Even though I should have been running instead of cycling as I had a half marathon at the end of February and arrived at the start line having only run maybe 15k in the rest of the month! Distance wise for cycling I would like to top 6000k for the year, I have a number of cycling events in my sights for later in the year (post maiden marathon in May!) so I am sure that will power up the miles, I may even have to wear my new Tribesports cycling top in them!?

Which is your favorite terrain to cycle?

Oh this is a difficult one really, I love my mountain biking, I live on a road that has three access points to the wonderful Makara peak mountain bike park ( shameless plug sorry)!

Mountain biking

However in the last year or two I have been getting out more and more on my road bike around Wellington and beyond! Wellington for those who don’t know it is a very hilly city, so my ability to climb has improved markedly! Luckily we can team those hills up with long winding roads around the seashore with its dramatic landscapes (please let's not mention Lord of the Rings!) and more often than not a raging headwind! 

Road bike

Has your new Tribesports cycling jersey arrived yet? 

Sadly it is not yet in my possession, I am very much looking forward to it arriving! Sad but true! I will be sure to post my ponderings once I have had a chance to break it in!

Park Run is such a great organisation, when did you start running with them?

Park RunPark Run is a fairly new experience for us in New Zealand with the first one starting here in Wellington in mid 2012. I was lucky enough to be working with a friend who was involved with the setting up process and so I have been enjoying running my local park run since the 3rd event! We now have a second event locally and four more around the country! I have also enjoyed running at the St Albans park run in 2013 when I was in the UK on holiday! I cannot recommend park run enough for runners of all abilities and experience, just a fantastic culture and like so many good things in life it is always there for us, week in and week out! A bit like Tribesports!   

You're swimming, cycling and running - the only natural question to ask now is about Triathlon! How was your first Tri experience and will you be competing again this year?

I did a wee taster tri last year, thoroughly enjoyed it and I am keen to have another crack sometime fairly soon, though it will likely have to wait until next summer (we are entering winter down under!). Running remains my nemesis in this sense though; perhaps my upcoming marathon will help me beat that mental block!? Once again I am, lucky here in New Zealand for tri’s, there are always fantastic events going on all over the place with a complete spectrum of athletes involved!!  

Which Tribesports users make your day?

Bridget and Jane have been fantastic support for pushing me forward with my running, always positive and with good advice on the gambit of weird running questions out there! Bridget and I have shared some running goals, which has helped to egg me on to better and brighter things!

Brad N cyclingRecently Martian and Sasha have inspired me on the two wheeled front, just with their consistency and obvious enjoyment of their cycling! I find it infectious and motivating when people display their passion for an activity or event, it is one of the aspects of Tribesports I love the most!

And lastly Vaunette and Angela sort of bridge the gap between my running and riding with simply fantastic support and conversation that keeps me thinking, exploring and  logging on to get more of the Tribesports good stuff!

Having said this I feel that one of the fantastic elements of Tribesports is the fact that it is always here and there will be someone to encourage, inspire or console you!

What's your favorite quote?

As an occupational therapist (I work in mental health) I am always attempting to get people moving by finding activities that inspire and involve them! My quotes reflect this approach, I think?

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

“Do or do not... there is no try.” – Yoda

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” - Bruce Lee