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Tribesports User of the Week: Candida B


Posted by Candida B under Marathon Running, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Nutrition on 29 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

First off, you've got an amazing catalogue of marathons under your belt, which has been your favourite?

I have only ever run marathons in Oz or NZ. So I have to say my favourite  is Auckland Marathon. The first half is hilly and the second half is flat  along the beach front -  a nice mix . Besides, Darth Vadar and 2 of his Storm Troopers seem to frequent this marathon year in year out...however it never looked as though "The Force" was still with them much at the finish! Respect!

Where do you keep all your medals from your various races? 

My medals are just 'stashed' on a huge hook on my gas heater. Having said that I have just bought a more elaborate metal hanging display rack, which has the words written" Always Earned, Never Given". Its a good thing I didn't get medals for all my races...cause my little bunch already weighs 5 kg s! ...And now I am doubting the wall might not be able to take the strain?!! So they are back on the hook again! (Hopeless)

Absolutely love the pictures of you in your Scooby Doo outfit...

 Yes! Scooby Doo ran Uluru marathon! Ayers Rock, Northern Territory. 2011 July.

I have always wanted to run a marathon in a full costume, and even though it was winter - last year it was unseasonably hot  at Uluru 29oC... So I wasnt exactly running for time ...more like just to finish alive! Only 80 marathoners and I was the organisers first and only dress up! Everyone thought it was hilarious! Probably wouldn't do that distance in costume again. It was really hard work and very very hot inside Scooby. It was a bit like running with a small backpack on your head! It was lucky I had been there years  before- cause the scenery is amazing...not that I saw any of it running...mostly the red ground!! (kidding)

When I finished I saw that  they had put a bowl of water down on the ground for me!! The Scooby Snacks however had been eaten by everyone else! But I had my own Protein shaker drink, bar, and banana to snack on until we got back on the bus to hotel meals!

Any other Tribesporters who have taken on a Marathon in fancy dress then share your pics!

In your bio, you mention your nutrition programme, what does than entail?

My metabolically precise meal programme might be too much to explain here! But basically  it is a science based and research proven eating/exercising program.I eat 6 or more small meals a day, 3 of which are liquid meals.I eat a correct food combination within 3 hours from hard weights session or cardio session and because your metabolic rate is higher after exercise the combination of food I eat is different to that which I consume later in the day when it is slower. Your Metabolism is dependant upon how much muscle mass you have... which in turn is used as a tool to have great health and athletic performance. I hope this makes sense!? 

Any top tips on post-workout recovery foods?

After any max Heart rate workout of at least  a minimum of 20 mins weights/cardio I would include a post workout whey  isolate protein, creatine and glucose mixed in water as a shaker. After a very long run I would include in that shaker an electrolyte sports drink of your choice.

Then I would eat a protein+ carbohydrate meal with Omega 3 supplement.

Which has been your favourite Tribesports Challenge and which has been the hardest?

Fav TS challenge has got to be the virtual - 5 Team Relay. Thats about as close as it gets to everyone with that phantom Baton!... and what a huge sense of support, teamship, competition, 'manic ' ness  and fun this challenge turned out to be.Coordinating all the different world time zones was a challenge in its own right. Even started dreaming about the Baton!!Haha!

Hardest challenge for me...(pathetic really) was  Standing on one with your eyes closed (1 min each side)! OMG took me 2 months to get this one completed! (Give me a marathon to run any day!!)

Of course it's not all about marathon running with you, there's also cycling, swimming, yoga, bush walking, cross-country skiing, scuba diving and horse riding - what's the next sport you'd like to try?

My next sport? I have pretty much tried everything!..except Golf...and I'm never going there! (Sorry to all you golfers out there...) What I really want to try is Stand up Paddle boarding

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

I look forward to the hilarious banter and words of wisdom from all my  TS friends ..however the loudest has to be Eddie W!

What quote keeps you motivated and loving sports?

"Look after your body, its the only place you have to live" Is my all time quote, all through my life to date  that keeps me doing all the sports that I do cause I feel great! 

And more recently, I found one word ( in a running book ) can now keep me  focused and  cruising over that finish line or weights workout  and its simply... "Maintain".