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Tribesports User of the Week: Daniel H


Posted by Daniel H under Weight Training (Strength Training), Boxing, Field Hockey on 11 July 2014 at 11:00 PM

Daniel H Which Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

Increase your biceps by one inch!  Once you have been training for a good amount of times, and you no longer get the 'newbies gains' (People new to lifting can but on muscle-mass quite quickly comparatively), it is a slow journey to add lean mass.  To go to 14 inches to 15 took over a year. Currently at around 15.5, and almost 16 with an arms pump after a workout.

How has injury affected your training this year?

Felt like a bit of a 'kick in the teeth' at first.  This year I had set a goal to have a boxing fight, as it is a sport I have always admired for the athletes' skill and dedication.  I had been training for a few months, and it was going pretty well.  Then one day while sparring with a friend at my standard gym, I didn't wear wraps under my gloves, and nailed his elbow right on my thumb.  Ended up doing tendon damage and not being about to train upper body for a couple of weeks (still trained legs 4 times a week!), and then one week of light stuff.  So lost 3 weeks of proper power training, but the worst part was not being able to play hockey due to the jarring on my hand, and no boxing for 6 months as I wanted it to properly heal.  So that was pretty unfortunate due to my silly mistake of not using wraps!

Boxing Daniel H

So boxing has been postponed until next year, now focusing on powerlifting goals this year, entering a comp at the end of the year.

What would a typical season have looked like for you sports-wise?

Varies a bit.  I can't seem to stick to one sport - given rugby, basketball, cricket, softball and hockey a go.  

Daniel H hockey

But generally the offseason I would do very little cardio, and just go to the gym to lift weights 3-4 days a week to try and build strength, and the last 2 years 6 days a week.  Then leading up to the season, I would start doing cardio - mainly road runs and sprints - to lose the belly and get my fitness back up.  I would still lift weights during the season, but not as intensely, and would finish with 15 minutes of HIIT.  Would generally run about 50 km a week during the season to make sure I'm fit enough not to get tired during a game, and give it my all.

Still hitting some great stats on the Big 3 - what's your current PB in bench press, deadlift and back squat?

My bench press has just gone up to 120kg for a 1RM.  Have really focused on improving my technique as chest was my lagging muscle group.  I used to go to a small gym where there was only 1 bench, which was always taken, so did pull ups instead!  My deadlift is at 195kg 1RM.  I feel I could do 200kg, but I'm doing strict 5x5 instead of testing my 1RM.  My squat, I have just changed to a wider stance, and I can now go deeper and heavier.  Did 2 reps @ 160kg the other day.

Keep in mind these are all barbell lifts, and to full depth. Personally, I don't really consider smith machine lifts in the same light, as you can do 25%-40% more with its assistance.

20 handstand push-upsYour achievement to do 20 handstand push-ups is crazy! Are you still adding them to your training sessions? 

Haha I wouldn't say the last 5 or so were perfect form!  Yes, I still do them weekly.  I like to do them to finish off my shoulders day.  I now do them with my hands on dumbbells, so I can go a bit lower.  Makes it a bit more difficult, I can only manage about 8-10 of these for 3 sets at the end of a gruelling delts workout!  Also around once or twice a month, I do wall stands while balancing on medicine balls.  I found it works the core pretty hard trying to stay vertical as long as possible.

Love your before and after photo - would you say it was a steady progression over 10 years or was there a point where you really kicked your training up a gear?

Thanks!  Really makes progress seem more tangible seeing it side by side with how you used to look.


I only really started getting into training at the gym about 5 years ago.  I put on a little bit of size compared to my old skinny self after I started working for an engineering firm - lifting steel etc. I didn't start going to a gym until I left my job, and became a student and started working out in the Uni gym.  For the first 2-3 years it was pretty casual, just wanted to get a little more muscular.  It wasn't until I started following fitness pages through social media that I saw what was possible for the average person.  I'd say I have been lifting super seriously for around 2 1/2 years.  I always kept fit through running etc for sport, but when power-lifting became a passion, I started doing some serious research and getting real results.

Thanks for completing the new colorway Challenges - do you have your eye on any of the new kit?

No problem, thanks to @euniceyeo for the nominations!

I really like the look of the Men's Performance Tech Tee SS - Fire Red.  I have to admit, I'm not really one to buy performance clothing, I'm instead a sucker for buying merchandise for sporting teams.  Currently I'm aiming to have a playing jersey for all the NBA teams.  A bit silly I know, but I just want to be able to watch any game, and wear one of the team's tops.

Basketball jerseys

Definitely plan on purchasing the above mentioned Tribesports tee though!

Which Tribesports users make your day? 

Deadlift PBFirstly, @euniceyeo.  So motivated and into her fitness, and to top it off is a lovely person and always spends a good amount of time encouraging people.  Felt privileged she nominated me for the challenges to unlock the new kit.

Same with @matteor.  Super nice guy, always training hard and offering encouragement to others.  The Italian Stallion.

@jezb always makes me laugh.  He's a good dude, and progressing well with his training... when he isn't playing squash...

@dash1977 is the friendly giant around here.  I admire how Dave set himself goals to become massive, achieved them, and now sets new goals such as toning down, and running which he hadn't done in years.

Had to give a shout out to a fellow kiwi, so @bradn makes the cut.  Always see his name popping up in my feed, finishing challenges and being proactive with his training.

What's your favorite quote?

"When you want to give up just think of all the people who would love to see you fail. Don't give them that pleasure."

Not sure who said this quote, but saw it a couple of years ago, and it has been pinned to my desktop as a sticky note ever since.