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Tribesports User of the Week: David B


Posted by David B under Running on 17 April 2013 at 11:00 PM

David B profileWhat has been your toughest Challenge and which are you most proud of?

My toughest challenge was getting over the hurdle of I can do this. It took me some time to stop saying that I can't and focus on the positive.

I recently ran my first 10km, this really got me going and proved that I can. I then did a charity event of 10km for the Jason Rich Foundation. I was chuffed to bits to be able to complete this event and it was quite an acheivement for me.

What's your next running Challenge going to be?

I am currently training for a half marathon. My brother found out that I had run 10km and asked if I wanted to do one with him. How can I refuse. I will be away for the half that is on this month in my area, but there will be others. It will give me more time to train too.

How do you find time to workout when working on the ship?

We have 12hr shifts onboard which can make for a long day. But fortunately there is very little travel to get to the gym so I can go upstairs and get on with it at the end of my shift.

Running on Navy ship

Fast rope from helicopterWith your military background, do you enjoy incorporating 'boot camp' style training into your workouts?

I am currently looking to start some crossfit, possibly this trip home. I used to love doing obstacle and high ropes courses in the Navy, so the cross fit should fit in nicley with this style of training.

You're making great progress on your fitness transformation, what advice would you give others who are just starting out with getting fit?

Best advice is not to push yourself too hard too soon. If you go at it like a bull at a gate, you will be sore and run down for several days and not want to get going again. Take it easy for the first month or so and work up to hitting it hard. I would do some light weights with some cardio, a rower, or cross trainer will give you an all around workout if you have access to one. If not get out on the road walk, ride, run and stay positive.

Body weight exercises are awesome, do some push ups, dips and chin ups - if you are unsure how to do these or want tips on how to get started and build your strength, there are plenty of Challenges on TS and heaps of advice!

David B push ups

Tell yourself you can do it, a little bit more each time. Also only train every second or third day when you start out, once you are comfortable you can pick up the intensity. Train with a friend if possible, they will help to keep you motivated.

In terms of nutrition Challenges, which one has helped you kick a bad habit?

Oooooh fruityFruit bowl - oooooh fruity Challenge, eating a piece of fruit a day for 30 days. Many people believe that fruit is bad because it has fructose (sugar) in it. But the natural sugars in fruit are really good for you and it can stop you from craving those horrble processed sugars. I still love chocolate though. All things in moderation, if you eat 20 apples in a day, it is probably not going to be beneficial to you, however 2 - 4 pieces a day, using them as helathy snacks or instead of a full lunch can be a good thing. Really good for a detox too, you can have a week of only fruit and vege (I like my red meat too much for this).

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

Eunice Y. She always has something nice to say and is very encouraging. She is in the same time zone as me too (Singapore) so we often have a chat on TS.

There are others also: Tycho H is a real inspiration, Candida B, Katie O, Marielle C, Ryan B, Jane H, Ron W and a few others who are regulars in my group of TS fanatics.

What's your favourite quote?

"Go hard or go home!" - Not the most intellectual quote on the planet, but for me right now, this is my credo.