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Tribesports User of the Week: Dee C


Posted by Dee under Running on 13 February 2014 at 12:00 AM

Dee profileWhich Tribesports challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

My toughest challenge was actually one that I was unable to finish.  It was one created by Kaye D. in honor of her 40th birthday, 4040 Human Powered Miles.  I knew it was a lofty goal for me going in to it but yet so much fun!  I ended up falling way short but it inspired me to go farther and train harder, would love to try it again some day!

Which challenge am I most proud of? Has to be, Complete a Half Marathon.  Never in my wildest dreams when I began my fitness journey in 2011, would I have thought that I'd ever run 13.1 miles, now in 2014 I have 6 half marathons and a sprint tri under my belt, not much but for me....awesome!

How is your training for your first marathon going?

Well I had to put running my first marathon in March on hold due to an IT band problem in December, I just would not be ready for it so had to drop that one to a half.  I am planning on running my first marathon later this year.  Possibly the Rock N Roll Las Vegas in November or the Tucson Halualoa in December.

How do you handle the Arizona heat when you are out running?

 I do a lot of training indoors, treadmill and boot camps during the summer, when I do run outside it's early, early morning or late at night with a headlamp, or I trail run in our local mountains.  I have to stay well hydrated and be careful because I over heat easily.

Dee's bikeHow's the road bike and are there any more 2-wheeled purchases on the horizon?

I currently only own one bike, that is my road bike, a Trek Lexa SC.  I would like to add a good mountain bike and some day a good carbon racing bike!

Have you taken on mass participation in cycle races as well as your running races?

I haven't done any mass participation cycle events yet, only a sprint tri.  However, my husband and I would someday like to do a century ride.

Your race bib collection looks great, which race would you recommend to a friend?

I've done so many fun races but have to say by far I enjoyed the 2012 Zappos Rock N Roll Las Vegas (now this was after their disaster in 2011, they changed a lot of things).  Running the Strip at night is thrilling and there were so many great folks our cheering us on, and there were some really interesting sights but then, it's Vegas!

Race bibs

Which piece of Tribesports Performance Wear is on your wishlist?

I've had my eye on the black seamless tank.

Which Tribesports users make your day?

You're right, this is a tough one.  Everyone at Tribesports are so awesome, so encouraging!  I do have a few ladies that I look to for inspiration.

Kaye D  is one, so many accomplishments and she's always so encouraging and fun.  Still would love to make it to England one day and meet up!

Candida B - is another, her love for running inspires me, I hope to one day love it that much, now I still get out there and wonder, why am I doing this again??

Maria G - another I admire for her love of running and what seems to be a really great sense of humor!!

Vaunette C - I struck up a conversation with Vaunette when I saw she lives less than a 100 miles away from me and we had run in some of the same races.  She's been a great encouragement and I hope to one day run into her at a race in Vegas or here in AZ.

What's your favorite quote?

That's a good question, it changes regularly.  I follow a gal on facebook and instagram by the name of Bonnie Pfiester, she is a gym owner, she has so many great motivational quotes that I use often.  This one, I love:

     "I will beat her,

      I will train harder.

      I will eat cleaner.

      I know her weaknesses,

      I know her strengths.

      I've lost to her before.

      But not this time.

      She is going down.

      I have the advantage,

      because I know her well.

      She is the old ME!"

  And one shorter one:  "YOU FAILED.  So what?  Get over it!  That was soooooo yesterday!"