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Tribesports User of the Week: Diana F


Posted by Diana F on 16 May 2012 at 11:00 PM

 Diana F you are User of the Week!

Your Bio says it all: ‘Haven’t met a sport I didn’t like.’ – but if you had to choose, what would you say is your favourite sport?

Well, I don’t think that it is actually classified as a sport by itself, but since I started working for the US Marine Corps, I have come to love running obstacle courses. I am registered for the Tough Mudder in the Washington DC area in September.

Which sports have you tried that you never imagined you would get to?

I never thought that I would have played lacrosse. I have only played casually, but I really enjoy it.

What sport is still on your ‘to do’ list?

I am originally from the landlocked Midwestern United States so surfing is not something we can do there. I plan on trying it this year in Hawaii.

So you'll be ticking off the Ride Your First Wave Challenge; we want pictures!

You have over 250 achievements which is absolutely incredible! What’s been your toughest Challenge and which are you most proud of?

Running a marathon so far has been the most challenging and definitely what I am most proud of, that really comes down to your mental fortitude to finish.

Which film set did you run on for the Challenge to Run on Location?

I ran the trail that Clarise Starling ran at the FBI Academy in Silence of the Lambs. I work on the Marine Corps Base Quantico which is where the FBI Academy is.

What Words of Motivation do you tell yourself when completing a tough Challenge?

I typically break things down to how much time it takes, so when it gets really tough I will tell myself that I only have say 10 minutes left, then I tell myself that I can do anything for 10 minutes (or however long I still have left). If there are other people doing the same thing I will tell myself that if they can do it, I can do it.

Who on Tribesports inspires you most?

There isn’t one specific person, everyone who consistently completes the Challenges inspires me.