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Tribesports User of the Week: Dwight W


Posted by Dwight W under Fitness & Training, Running on 15 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

Firstly we love your mission "to attain the perfect blend of strength and endurance" - is this why there are so many running achievements set alongside your push up Challenges?

I guess you could say I am a bit competitive, especially when it comes to the younger Navy generation and even my kids.  It's tough to ask your troops to give it their all if their leaders are sitting behind the desk drinking coffee so I have a personal drive to show them how a healthy lifestyle can bring balance to their lives and careers.  Of course, to do that I have to demonstrate them that it's not always easy to beat the old guy whether it's on the track, in the gym, or in the case of my kids - the paintball fields :) 

There's a brilliant photo of you on a pre-dawn run in Iraq, what's the story behind that?

There are a lot of great organizations who made contributions supporting those who are deployed, stationed or working in the Middle East.  During my last deployment I had the chance to run in several sponsored events including the Georgia Peachtree 10k, Utica Boilermaker 15k, and both the USAF and Portland Half Marathons.   Needless to say it's a challenging environment to run in let alone do 13.1 miles so we had to get an early 5:00AM start in order to avoid those searing temperatures.  I think it was a nice cool 95F or so that day, at least until the sun came up ;)

What has been your toughest Challenge to date and which are you most proud of?

I clicked "take" on the Hand balancing(Crane pose) for 30 seconds thinking I had it in the bag, noooo problem - I got this, well here I am still falling over every time I try it.  As for the challenge I am most proud of, that would have to be the Bike or Run with your Kids Challenge. Seeing my oldest son start to develop that same love of running that I have is definitely something that I am proud of.

Your passport of Challenges is pretty impressive - from climbing Mt. Fuji to running in Iraq - what's your dream destination to complete a Challenge in?

I have had some great opportunities to run in different parts of the world but the Tribesports community has had way of opening my horizons after seeing all the amazing places that my fellow fitness enthusiasts from around the world have shown me.  I love seeing the pictures from around the world (shameless plug for my World Wide Runners Tribe here) and it would be such an adventure to travel and run through Europe, seeing first hand all those places steeped in such rich history.  But, if I get another chance at it I would absolutely love to Climb/run Mt Fuji once again only this time for speed and completing a different Tribesports challenge at every station. 

Predominantly you have completed body weight exercises such as push ups, pull ups and tricep dips, do you have a strict morning routine with them?

Typically, I run and hit the gym in the mornings but in the evenings I had developed a bad habit of sitting on the couch watching TV.  One of the things that happened when I discovered and subsequently became totally addicted to Tribesports is that I developed a nightly routine based on all the challenges I was working on.  So instead of sitting there watching TV I started doing all these different exercises every night in addition to my morning routines.  My wife thinks I am a bit obsessive about it but I think we can all relate to that.  

A half-marathon is an awesome achievement, do you think you will you take on a full marathon?

I always wanted to take that next step and take on a full marathon.  I am planning to start training in earnest for one when I retire from the Navy next year so if all goes as planned I will run my first before I turn 45. 

What's the next big Challenge going to be?

I am looking to participate in my first Savage Race, time to put some of that endurance and strength to the test!

Which Tribesports users make your day?

There are so many wonderful people on TS that make positive differences every day, not just for me but for everyone that it's tough to name just a few.  The encouragements, congratulations, and challenges from Hideki S, Frank P, Karen L, Samarth A, Eddie W, and Shawn C all make this an easy community to enjoy.  Couple that with the positivity and enthusiasm from Maria G and the support and extra dose of motivation to not slack provided by Irene M and I always have a smile on my face when visiting TS.

What's your favourite quote?

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."