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Tribesports User of the Week: Eunice Y


Posted by Eunice Y under Spinning, Fitness & Training, Running on 27 December 2012 at 12:00 AM

Eunice Y profile pictureWhat has been your toughest Tribesports Challenge to date?

My toughest challenge have to be the One hundred push-ups I’m proud to do 50 push-ups in a row NOW!! I'm working on developing to one hundred push-ups! Before I joined Tribesports, I couldn't do a single push up. I've never had a great core. I start to shudder and shake and down I go. I hate how weak it makes me feel even though I am totally capable in other capacities!

I have been over my comfort zone since I started this journey with Tribesports and i'm so glad I did. I love being able to just do the challenges without feeling like they are chores. I choose to complete the challenges and have fun with it! 

You've run the Bull Charge 5km for 2 years in a row now, will you participate next year?

Bull Charge 5km

Yes, I will participate next year Bull Charge 5km run! This year not only did I beat my personal best @ 20:58, I also came in 8th position for the women's category! Truly an extra bonus for me.  The Bull Charge has raised more than SGD17million for needy children, youths, the elderly and families from selected charities. More than 25,000 runners were from the financial industry and in the spirit of Bull Charge, promote organisations with a heart.

My other all time favourite corporate race is JP Morgan Corporate Challenge  5.6km race. In year 2004 HSBC women team and year 2007 HSBC mixed team, we won the first place and earned the team  an invitation to the World Championship with all expenses paid for hotel accommodation and return flight tickets to New York City to participate their championship run.

Of all the nutrition Challenges you've taken, which one did you notice the biggest change in your energy levels?

Among all the nutrition challenges, the eat No chips for 2 weeks and Say No To Junk Foods have definitely the biggest change in my energy levels. I have more energy and I look and feel good. I stick with the Challenge and I’m really proud of this accomplishment. I feel vibrant, healthy and whole from the inside out. After doing this Challenge I can never go back to the unhealthy choices and lifestyle I was leading.

HSBC triathlon team SingaporeYou're clearly a spinning fanatic; what do you enjoy most about it?

During August this year while chatting to a colleague of mine, we found out that we had an interest in endurance sports. We decided to bring our passion to the company by founding the Triathlon Team for HSBC. That was when I started picking up biking and spinning. We decided to take part in the Singapore Triathlon 2012 held in September and represent our company (HSBC Singapore) in the corporate challenge category. I began to train my endurance on the bike by spinning everyday to prepare for the competition. Fortunately, my hard work paid off - I was the fastest cyclist of my gender and my team came in first.

HSBC triathlon team Singapore

I created spinning challenges to keep me going (yes still a rookie) and hope to inspire other TS friends here to take up spinning too! I absolutely LOVE IT! The sweat that pours off your body is incredible and you feel like you've been pushed to your limits with every workout. I highly recommend this workout to everyone, especially those who are looking to lose weight. I am hooked!   

Eunice with bikeAny resolutions to bring in the New Year?

I self admit I’m a gym rat. I worked out five to seven times a week in my gym! Running, spinning and daily core challenges to attain my  New Year's resolution of having "six-pack" abs.

What's your big sporting goal for 2013?

I am very excited about getting into this whole Duathlon  (run/bike/run), and the time for my first one is coming soon in March 2013. I'm fully prepared for the physical aspect, it is just that I’m worried about the transition. Any opinions, tips, suggestions, etc. would be very much appreciated!

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

I want to give a massive Thank You and applaud to Rick P. He is incredibly friendly mentor and awesome friend of mine. He's always there to encourage, motivate, inspire and keep me going strong. I’m very appreciative that he always has high confidence and belief in me. I admire that he's committed daily doing his handstand push ups and I wish one day I will also be able to do a handstand just like him. Everyday he writes me a beautiful morning and evening poems greeting that make my day start off even brighter and end happily! I am very delighted that our paths have crossed.

I also want to say thank you  to all my amazing and wonderful TS friends! Thank you to those of you who took time to encourage, support and leave a comment on my post.  I appreciate all of you! A huge Thank You with a big smiley  to everyone on this site here,  you guys ROCK :)) Wishing all of you a blessed, healthy, happy, and prosperous new year!

What's your favourite quote?

"The ultimate is not to win, but to reach within the depths of your capabilities and to compete against yourself to the greatest extent possible. When you do that, you have dignity. You have the pride. You can walk about with character and pride."- Billy Mills